How to Hack Someone’s Phone Without Touching It

Arguably, the best way to find out someone’s secrets is by hacking their phone. All their private conversations, photos, and videos are recorded there. If they are keeping something from you, you are likely to see it there.

Hacking a modern Android or iOS smartphone isn’t easy, of course. But it is possible with the right tools – phone hacker software! With the right kind of phone hacking tool, you can hack a phone secretly, without the owner finding out.

In this article, we show you how to hack a phone. The article is divided into two sections:

  • Part 1 is about how to hack someone’s phone without touching it, which is possible if the device is an iPhone or iPad.
  • Part 2 is how to hack someone’s phone without having it, for cases where the device is an Android smartphone or tablet.

Part 1: How to Hack Someone’s Phone Without Touching It

There are many phone hacker apps in the market. We recommend the best one – Minspy! Minspy is a top-rated phone hacking utility. Over a million people around the world actively use the app at the moment.

Minspy offers powerful features and is easy to use. It comes recommended by top media channels like the Huffington Post, Lifewire, The Verge, and the New York Times.  You can use Minspy with all modern Android and iOS devices.

One of the biggest advantages of Minspy is the privacy it offers. Your personal details are never stored by the app or used in any way. You can use the app worry-free. That’s never a guarantee with many other spy apps.

1.1 Minspy – The Ultimate, One-Stop Remote Phone Hacker

You can use Minspy to hack someone’s iPhone or iPad without touching it. For Android, you need one-time access to the target device. In both cases, you will receive phone data remotely on your online dashboard.

The iOS version of Minspy works completely remotely. You can set it up remotely, without having to jailbreak the target iPhone or even touch it. The app works via the iCloud account associated with the iPhone.

As the iOS version of Minspy is web-based and works remotely via the iCloud account, you don’t ever need to touch the iPhone. Also, this makes Minspy impossible to detect!

The Android version of Minspy is a small, 2MB application. You need to install it physically on the target device. But afterward, you will be able to hack it remotely.

Continue reading to learn how to hack someone’s phone without touching it on iOS platforms with Minspy. If you want to learn how to hack an Android phone instead, skip to part 2.

1.2. How to Hack Someone’s Phone Without Having It

You can install Minspy on iOS in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee. You don’t need any special technical skills. All you need is a computer or a smartphone with a working internet connection and the user’s iCloud credentials.

Here are the steps to follow to hack someone’s phone without having it with Minspy on iOS:

Step 1: Register for a Minspy account. Make your email ID the username.


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Step 2: Do you want to hack a single iPhone? Buy the Premium plan. For cases where you want to hack multiple iPhones, choose the Family plan. The Family plan comes with a group discount.

Step 3: The setup instructions will be sent to your email ID. Start by choosing iOS as the target platform. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

Enter the user’s iCloud username and password. Wait for a few minutes until Minspy syncs with the target device.


Step 4: That’s it! You are now ready to hack the target iPhone or iPad. Log in to your online account to get started.

The Minspy dashboard will give you an overview of what’s happening on the target device. For hacking individual aspects of the phone, look at the selection panel on the left.


Try the Minspy free iOS live demo before you purchase a Minspy subscription!

Part 2: How to Hack a Phone from Another Phone

The Android version of Minspy, as we explained in section 1.1, requires an initial software installation. You will then be able to hack the phone from any other web browser, including the one on your phone.

Note that you only need to install the software utility on the target Android phone or tablet once. Afterward, you will be able to monitor the phone remotely. If necessary, you can uninstall the hack with a single click from your web browser.

**Beware: No Android smartphone hacker in the market works without a software installation first. This is not possible on Android. If you find a fully remote hacking solution, it’s a scam, a phishing attempt, or a virus.**

2.1. How to Hack Another Phone from My Phone

Ready to hack the target Android phone? You will need your smartphone or computer with an internet connection. Note that you will need to access the target phone or tablet for a few minutes.

Here’s how to hack another phone from your Android phone with Minspy:

Step 1: Sign up for a free Minspy account. Pick your email ID as the username.


Step 2: Pick the monthly plan that best suits you. You can monitor a single Android smartphone or tablet with the Premium version of Minspy. If you want to monitor multiple Android smartphones or tablets, choose the Family plan.

Step 3: You will receive installation instructions by email. Start by setting Android as the target platform.

You have the option of downloading and installing Minspy on the target Android phone or tablet. After that’s done, you can hide the app. After a handful of minutes, the app will send you data straight to the online dashboard.


Step 4: You can now begin hacking the phone from your phone. Just log in to your web browser to get started.

The Minspy dashboard gives you a quick look at what’s happening on the phone. To hack individual phone features, look at the selection menu on the left.

Check out the Minspy free live Android demo before you buy a plan!

Part 3: Why Use the Minspy Phone Hacker?

We recommend using the Minspy phone hacker for several reasons:

  1. Minspy works without root or jailbreak

Minspy is one of the only apps in the market that works without rooting or jailbreak. You can hack the target phone or tablet in a risk-free way. You don’t need to void the device warranty, risk causing data loss, or exposing it to malware.

  1. The phone hacker is impossible to detect

The Minspy phone hacker can’t be detected. For iOS devices, Minspy is a fully web-based utility. It runs from your web browser without you needing to jailbreak the target device or install software on it. This makes it a super stealthy solution.

The Android version of Minspy is a hidden app. It runs in the background without the user’s awareness. It doesn’t drain the battery either. It’s small, hidden, and can’t be found out.

  1. It can be trusted

You can trust Minspy to work as advertised. Over a million people from all over the world make use of the app. This includes parents, employers, and people in relationships. The app is reliable and extensively user-tested.

  1. Your privacy is guaranteed

You can use Minspy without having to worry about the safety of your personal information. The app protects your privacy. It doesn’t store your personal information or share it with anyone. Your personal information is not accessible to the app in any way.  

  1. You don’t pay much for it

You can buy a Minspy monthly plan for the price of a lunch sandwich. You get the phone hacker at an affordable price in comparison to most other solutions on the market. If you want to monitor multiple devices with Minspy, you get a substantial discount.

  1. You get access to multiple powerful features

You’ll be able to get access to multiple powerful features with Minspy. Here’s what the app can do for you:

  • Check call logs: Minspy allows you to check the phone’s call logs. This includes all the incoming as well as outgoing calls. Every call is accompanied by a time and date entry.
  • View contacts: Minspy records contact information for you too. You can hack information such as the phone user’s favorite contacts, their display pictures, names, job designation, addresses, and more.
  • Access messages: You can see text messages, iMessages, as well as social media messages sent out by the user. You can hack social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • See installed apps: Wondering what kind of apps are being used by the user? You can see a list of all installed apps and get details like app update history.
  • Use the keylogger: Minspy comes with a keylogger feature that records every keystroke made on the target phone or tablet. The keylogger will allow you to find out usernames and passwords for a range of accounts.
  • Find location info: Minspy can also show you the user’s location history. It tracks geographical coordinates, addresses, time and date entries, and other details.


You should now have a good grasp of how to hack a phone without touching it. You can do so remotely with the help of Minspy. The phone hacker is fast, powerful and available at an affordable monthly price.

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