How to Hack Facebook Account Without Password

Several online services tell you they can hack someone’s Facebook account without the password. Most of these services are fake. They steal your personal information or just take your money without actually hacking the account.

But then how do you hack someone’s Facebook account if you don’t have their password or even their email ID? What you need to do is hack their phone that they browse Facebook on. If you hack their phone, you can monitor their Facebook activity.

Hacking Facebook itself is impossible for people who aren’t professional hackers but hacking someone’s phone is much easier.

In this article, we show you how to hack a Facebook account without the email and password by hacking the person’s smartphone or tablet.

Part 1: How to Hack FB Account Without Password and Email

Have you heard of phone spy apps before? These apps can hack any smartphone or tablet and show you what’s happening there, including the Facebook activity.

Not all apps are reliable, though, nor are all of them private to use. If you want to hack an FB account without the password and email via a spy app, we recommend using Minspy!

1.1 Minspy – Reliable, Trustworthy, and Private

Minspy is a super popular phone spy app, trusted by a million people from around the planet. The app is known to be reliable and is recommended by top media channels like Mashable, Lifewire, TechCrunch, and The Huffington Post.


You can use Minspy to hack any Android or iOS device and monitor the Facebook activity. The app is compatible with almost all the latest Android and iOS versions. The app has a web-based interface, so you can monitor Facebook remotely.

Minspy is also a private app. It doesn’t store your personal information or sell it to anyone. That means you can use the app in a worry-free manner. Not all spy apps in the market are as trustworthy.

1.2 How to Hack FB Account Without Password

You can hack someone’s FB account in one of two ways with Minspy:

  1. Hack Facebook with the keylogger utility

Minspy packs in a very useful keylogger utility. What’s a keylogger utility? It’s a program that will record someone’s keystrokes as they are typing them. You can then see these keystrokes in your online account. Why is this relevant?

If someone types in their email ID and Facebook password, the Minspy keylogger will record it for you. You can then use this data to log in to someone’s Facebook account directly!

  1. Hack Facebook directly

It’s probably safer and stealthier to use Minspy’s direct Facebook monitoring feature, however. The app also offers a social media monitoring feature. You can monitor Facebook directly and see exactly what the user is doing on their account from your web browser.

1.3 You can hack Facebook using Minspy in a matter of minutes

Want to get started with Facebook hacking with Minspy? For iOS devices, Minspy works completely remotely via the iCloud account, so you need the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone or iPad.

For Android devices, Minspy is a small 2MB app that you need to download and install physically on the target device.

**Beware: You can’t hack Facebook on Android smartphones or tablets without installing software. No app or service can hack Android devices remotely. If you find such a service or app, it is a scam or a virus**

Here are the steps you need to follow to install Minspy:

Step 1: Sign up for a Minspy account by using your email ID. The email ID becomes the username.


Step 2: Decide which Minspy monthly subscription to buy. You can purchase the Premium version of Minspy if you want to hack a single FB account. If you choose the Family plan instead, though, you can hack FB on multiple devices.

Step 3: You will get setup instructions by email. Start by choosing either Android or iOS as the target platform. Then start up the Setup Wizard.

Do you want to install Minspy on an iPhone or iPad? Start by entering the iCloud details of the target iPhone or iPad. Then wait for a few minutes until the app syncs with the iCloud account. It usually takes 10 minutes for the sync to finish.


Planning to hack Facebook on an Android smartphone or tablet? Start by installing a 2MB app on the target device. Afterward, you have the option to hide the app. The app will send you Facebook hacking data on the dashboard in secret.


Step 4: That’s it! You have set up Minspy successfully. You can now get an overview of the device activity on your dashboard.

How do you hack Facebook without the password? Look for the Social Apps > Facebook option in the selection panel on your left. Tap on it to open up the Facebook window and begin monitoring the user’s Facebook activity.


Check out the Minspy free live demo to see the Facebook hack in action before you buy the app!

1.4 What Facebook features can Minspy hack for you?

You can see everything the user is doing on Facebook with Minspy:

  • Read Facebook messages: You can use Minspy to follow someone’s private as well as group conversation on Facebook. Every message comes with a time and date entry, allowing you to find out exactly when a conversation took place.
  • View contacts: Wondering who they are talking to on Facebook? You can view contact names, display pictures, addresses, email IDs, and other related details.
  • Find deleted messages: What if the user deletes messages or conversations they don’t want anyone else to see? Minspy can still make them available to you! The app backs up conversations as soon as they are sent out.
  • Access media files: You can access the person’s media files with the help of Minspy. That includes their pictures, videos, and other details.


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You can also see what the user is doing on Facebook Messenger with Minspy. Note that Minspy also offers multiple other monitoring features, including media files, installed apps, emails, notes, call logs, and other details.

1.5 Minspy is a top-rated phone monitoring solution

We recommend Minspy because it’s one of the best spy apps on the planet:

  1. Minspy can hack Facebook without root or jailbreak

You can use Minspy to hack Facebook without having to root or jailbreak the target phone or tablet. Rooting and jailbreak are both complex and can leave the device open to malware. They can also make the user suspicious.

Minspy, fortunately, works 100% without root or jailbreak. You’ll be able to hack Facebook in a risk-free manner.

  1. You can use the app in stealth mode

You can use Minspy in stealth mode. The user will never know you’re hacking their Facebook account. Minspy on both Android as well as iOS is undetectable.

The Android version of Minspy is a 2MB app. It works without root and needs to be installed on the target phone. Once you install the app, you can hide it. The app will run in the background without draining the phone’s battery.

The iOS version of Minspy is a web-based app. You can set it up remotely without software installation. As the app works remotely without software and you never need to touch the phone, the iOS version of Minpsy is impossible to find out.

  1. The app is trustworthy

Over a million people from 190+ countries trust Minspy and use it to keep tabs on their loved ones. The app has an excellent reputation and is a favorite with parents, people in relationships, employers, and even cybersecurity experts.

  1. You can use Minspy securely

You’ll be able to use Minspy to monitor someone’s phone securely. The app maintains your privacy and doesn’t ever store your personal details. You can anonymously and safely monitor someone’s Facebook account.

  1. It’s available at a reasonable price

Minspy doesn’t cost a lot of money to use. It’s available at the price of a lunch sandwich for monitoring a single device. If you want to use Minspy to monitor multiple devices, then you get a discount price. It’s cheaper to use Minspy than many other solutions out there.

Part 2: How to Hack FB Account Without Knowing the Password


The second way to hack someone’s FB account without knowing the password is Spyier. This is a well-known remote phone monitoring program. It’s popular with people from all corners of the world.

Spyier has a powerful Facebook account hacking feature. You can use it to hack a Facebook account without knowing the username or the password. The app works with both Android as well as iOS devices.

The app is backed by top media channels like BBC, Android Authority, and PC World.

2.1 Spyier makes for an excellent FB hack without the email ID or password

Spyier is one of the best FB hacking solutions in the market:

  1. Spyier can hack Facebook discreetly

Spyier allows you to hack someone’s Facebook account discreetly. The Android version of Spyier can be hidden, while the iOS version is fully web-based and doesn’t require a software install. You can monitor their Facebook activity remotely.

  1. The app can be set up in minutes

You can install Spyier in a matter of minutes. You can set up the app on both Android and iOS without the need to root or jailbreak it. Both installing the app and using it doesn’t require much – or any – technical skill on your part.

  1. Spyier is dependable

Spyier is a dependable solution. The app has been extensively used by countless users and has been found to be almost bug-free. Using the app is risk-free, as the app is secure and doesn’t store your personal details in any way.

2.2 Spyier offers a multitude of Facebook monitoring features

Spyier offers multiple Facebook monitoring features:

  • You can read people’s private and group conversations.
  • You can view their photos and videos.
  • Spyier can access their contact information.
  • Use Spyier to find their deleted messages.

You get access to over two dozen unique phone monitoring features with Spyier.

Part 3: How to Hack Into Someone’s Facebook Account Without Them Knowing

How do you hack into someone’s Facebook account without them knowing? We recommend using Spyine, the third solution we have for you.

Spyine is a respected phone spy app that comes with a full phone monitoring feature set. It can be used to hack someone’s Facebook account without them finding out. The app works with Android as well as iOS devices.

3.1 Spyine works in stealth mode

You can use Spyine in stealth mode. The iOS version of Spyine is a web-based app that works without jailbreak. It has a web-based interface and you can use it to spy on Facebook remotely. As it’s web-based and doesn’t need an install, it’s impossible to detect.

The Android version of the app, on the other hand, requires an installation. After you install it, however, you never need to touch the phone again. You can use the Facebook hack feature remotely form your web browser.

3.2 Monitor Facebook remotely

You can see what they get up to on their Facebook account in secret:

  • Check their Facebook messages.
  • View their contact information.
  • Download their saved photos and videos.
  • Use the keylogger to find their username and password.


To sum it up, you can hack into someone’s Facebook account without them knowing – and without having their email ID or password – by using any one of the three solutions we have outlined above. It’s safe, useful, and works without root or jailbreak.

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