Remotely Track Any Phone's Location

GPS Location Tracker

Find the GPS-based location of any smartphone or tablet in near-real-time.

Check where they've been with Minspy's location tracker.

  • Track their GPS and WiFi-based location activity.
  • View all their recently visited places with detailed addresses.
  • Take a closer look with Google’s integrated 3D street view.

3 Steps to Tracking The Phone

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Get a Minspy account. Use your email ID for the sign up.

Install Minspy

Set up Minspy on the iOS or Android device by following the Setup Wizard.

Track cell phone location

Get Wi-Fi or GPS data in real time off of a device.

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Track Their Movement From Your Web Browser

Using Minspy, you can follow any phone or tablet on a virtual map. By tracking someone’s phone, you know all the places they’ve been visiting. It works remotely from your web browser. It’s easy to set up and get running and requires no technical skills on your part.

Once you have Minspy installed, you can follow the target phone’s location-related activity from the dashboard. Log in to the dashboard and then look for the “Locations” option in the menu to your left. Select it to open up the Locations screen.

The Locations window tracks where the device is in real-time. All the recently-visited locations are pinned on the virtual map. You can click the pins for more information. There’s a location log at the bottom that tracks details like the address details, time, date, and geographical coordinates. You can use Google 3D Street View to get a better look at any place of interest.

What Can You Learn From Location Tracking?

The location tracker can reveal a lot of information. It’s very popular with people who’re keeping tabs on someone they know. If you think someone you know is keeping secrets from you that could end up harming you in some way, you can use the Location Tracker to attempt to discover the truth.

If you’re in a rocky relationship and suspect your partner of cheating, you can track their phone’s movements from your web browser and see all the places they visit. If they tell you they’re working but are instead at a strange residential address, it could be they are cheating on you.

For parents, the location tracking feature can be a lifesaver. It allows them to determine where their child is at all times. If the child enters a location they shouldn’t, parents can go and pick them up. The location tracker also makes for a great safety measure.

Follow Them Without Being Discovered

Minspy enables you to track any phone or tablet without being discovered. The app works hidden and sends data to your online account, which you can access from your dashboard. You don’t need to be near the phone or tablet at any stage to follow it’s movements on your map!

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