How to Track A Mobile Number: A Definitive Guide

Tracking someone’s phone is often considered an unethical act, but that’s a personal choice for people as every individual has their share of reasons and problems.

Often they wish to find ways as to how to track a phone number or methods by which they keep a record of the location or updates of the mobile owner. For instance, parents may wish to monitor their child’s activities to check about their whereabouts or partners who suspect some problems in their relationships.

The act of spying/tracking is very personalized, and hence if anyone faces such issues, as a contributor to technology, we have our share of responsibility to guide you on how to track a mobile number.

Minspy is one of the most renowned brands in the spy apps that has been involved in serving millions of customers globally.

This is on account of its varied features that has been designed keeping in mind the customer’s needs and feasibility over the ever-changing interfaces in the market.

Now rest aside your search of different queries like How to track a phone number location or mobile number tracker and try out the Minspy application. Let’s see how this works.

Part 1: How to Track a Mobile Number

Phone number tracking apps aren’t a new concept in the market, and there are many options available, but they are quite costly and also not supportive of the different OS available.

One of the main drawbacks these apps come along with is that they are often illegal, and can land their customers in legal troubles.

Minspy is a perfectly legal app to use. Why would you prefer Minspy over any other 3rd party application? How to track a cell phone location for free with the number of the cell phone, this is one of the most asked questions for the customers. Well, Minspy has it all.


Now no more hassle for paying for your service and involving in unnecessary queue formalities and saying yes to Minspy, your buddy, and your partner in crime.

But still, as a customer, there may be specific questions that they may come across like how to track phone by phone number and also the concerns of the customers where they are worried about the data being leaked or the security of the person who opts for the service.

Minspy has it all covered. All you have to do is install the application and here’s a plus point, whether you’re an Android user or iOS user, the application is supported on both versions.

And that’s not it; the Android app is not going to occupy much of the space, which in turn will be a lot beneficial as it will not affect the target phone’s performance, and hence the detection will be complicated. Tracking someone by phone number might not have been easier than this.

1.1 How Minspy is The Best Phone Tracker

Minspy is one of the best GPS phone trackers out there considering the rich features it offers. You can use the app even if you’re a beginner with no idea of digital surveillance. That’s because Minspy makes the task of monitoring someone a very easy one.

You need nothing more than a simple browser to scan someone’s device. The Android solution is extremely lightweight and is quickly installed. When you’re done using it, you can quickly uninstall the app in one click using the remote control panel. There is no need to physically access the device.

With iOS, all you need is a browser as the solution is entirely cloud-based with no need to install anything whatsoever. Forget about physically accessing the target device. Everything is done remotely from your control panel and dashboard. All you need are the iCloud credentials of the target device.

  • All you have to do is just install the application and let it cover the rest of the responsibilities on your part without the notice of the target phone.
  • Apart from being low storage occupying app, it also comes with an additional feature that it can be hidden in the phone via a single click, and that’ll erase the probability of getting caught to a great extent.
  • Minspy uses cloud-based technology that is accessible anywhere anytime, irrespective of the signal or geographical problems one might experience, thus making this mobile number tracker software one of the most renowned and trusted amongst brands that offer promising results to clients.

You can check Minspy’s free live demo to know more about it.

1.2 How to Use Minspy to track a target device

Setting up and using the Minspy app is easier than it looks. All you need is to complete the steps and follow them properly so that you can begin tracking. The process is very straightforward and you will get up and running in no time.

Let’s see what the process is.

Step-1: Sign up for an account on the official website of Minspy by adding up the necessary credentials of both the target phone and the client.


Step-2: Select the OS type. If you are dealing with an iOS device, enter its iCloud credentials. Once completing the successful login, the data will get synced to the cloud, and the target phone will be monitored well.


On the other hand, if the target has an Android device, install the app and give it all permissions that it needs. This is essential for the app to work properly.


Step-3: Once you have the app up and running, go the Control Panel and open the dashboard. Select ‘Location’ to see the real-time location of the device. You will find all the options in the left navigation pane.


The app will not only track phone calls but can also help you to keep a track of the messages, and social media records which will all be secretly updated via technology that the cloud offers and the person will not be aware of it via any means.

Thus, it is safe and secure, and there is no chance of any data being leaked or any malfunctions as the entire process is carried under a much-secured platform.

Low and affordable cost, richness in the interface, availability on various platforms and 24*7 availability are some of the basic features for a user to opt for Minspy as compared to any other applications used for spying.

We highly recommend that you try out the Minspy demo that will show you all features of this app at a glance. You do not need to install anything on your device at all. The demo works without any setup.

1.3 The Rich Features of Minspy

We will now see the rich feature set of the app. You’ll be surprised at the results!

  • Location: You can use Minspy to see the live real-time location of the target device. The app uses GPS and WiFi data to track the target device. You can also set geofencing alerts to see when the target moves across geographical boundaries.
  • Social Media: You can use the app to see the social media activities of the target device. You will be able to see the incoming and outgoing messages. Similarly, you can see the media files that are being exchanged also. You can see WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram messages. Check how to track Snapchat here >>
  • Call logs: You can see the call logs on the remote device to know who the target has been in touch with and when.
  • Messages: The app also shows you messages, both sent and received. You can also see the media files that have been shared and the timestamps as well.
  • Browser history: You can use the app to see what the target device has been accessing on the internet online. This is a great way to stay up to date on the online activities of the target.
  • No root or jailbreak: The best thing about this app is that it is very user-friendly and intuitive. There is no need to root or jailbreak the target device when using the app at all. This makes it super easy to use even for those who have never used a spy app before.

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Part 2: How to Track a Cell Phone Location by Number

It can be quite tedious to track a cell phone location by number, but there are several options available. Still, many applications do come with their benefits and problems. Cocospy has a good track record and it is specially designed for the audience in a way that keeps on updating itself as per the expectations laid by the customers.

Now there’s no need to look for ways on how to track someone’s phone by their number because the right solution is just at your fingertips.


Apps such as Cocospy can be useful because parents might be concerned about their child’s whereabouts or for partners doubting each other.

They may want to find ways for mobile number tracker free, and these ways should not only be economical for customers but also very useful and confidential for them.

Now bid goodbye to all the problems. Cocospy helps you to monitor a target device without emptying the pockets and without the fear of getting caught. All you have to do is login and relax.

The application runs in the background so that the target can be caught while you’re at no risk of getting caught because the application is hidden, and it also doesn’t require to be rooted on any Android device.

Also, iOS users don’t have to worry as the app needs no jailbreaking. In fact, Cocospy supports a cloud-based solution that does not require any installation at all. Everything is done remotely and without the need to physically access the target device.

There is no time constraint as you can easily access the services instantly after completing successful payment, which is minimal as compared to the other heavy paying applications.

Gone are the days when you could spy only on the contacts or messages or browsing history, you can now check the social media platforms as well like Whatsapp, Instagram, along with their media history and chats.

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Part 3: How to Track Someone by Phone Number

As an owner of a mobile phone and an individual, only known contacts don’t call us, but we also may be called by people who are unknown to us. It’s certainly a probability that there may be someone who may be troubling you.

In such situations, again, it is a question as to how to track a number location because it may be important as to where the call came from.

With apps such as Spyine, it is now very easy to track mobile number location online. This can be proven as a very helpful way in certain situations where it is very evident to obtain proper information about people who create problems for us in one way or the other.


Also, what if, in the worse case, the phone gets stolen or some damage is caused?

In such cases, the owner might want to know the status of the device wherein the sim number location tracker might be of great use.

Spyine shows you the real-time location of an iOS and Android device both.

In such situations, such spying apps may be of great use. And a very important characteristic of such apps may be that these apps cannot land the user in any legal trouble. The app is safe to use.

However, the cloud remains the same for both, there may be minor changes in the app development, but the user will not experience any change. In fact, the Spyine application can be hidden perfectly, and hence the target will not even come to know that such a spying app is running in the background on their system.

Spyine uses a cloud-based solution to track someone’s real-time location on an iPhone. All you need are the iCloud credentials of the target device. There is no need to access the target device physically.

The Spyine Android app, on the other hand, is very lightweight and takes up less than 2M of space. It is easily installed in under 5 minutes.

Part 4: How to Track A Cell Phone Location for Free With The Number of The Cell Phone

There is a lot of data associated with a person today. It might seem easy to browse data through any of the data known, but at the same time, one needs a proper platform where you can get every detail under one roof.

Zosearch is one of these platforms that helps you to find someone’s location by phone number. You can search for a phone number by someone’s name and can also perform a reverse phone lookup. The website is a directory and maintains a huge database.


It’s a free public information search directory that shows you everything you need to know, and that too without any charges. You can also perform an address lookup. This is done by entering someone’s address to find relevant matches online.

The tool also provides an email lookup service online. Zosearch is the preferred information lookup service for millions of people across the globe. You can track down all the history of an address, for example, and know who lives there, the cost of the house, and other such data.

You can thus use the app to run background checks.

Part 5: How to Track a Cell Phone Location by Number


A basic question that comes to the mind is how these apps are monitored by just logging in. Spyic is another such app that lets you look up someone’s location and monitor their activities with ease.

You can spy on both an Android and iOS device easily without needing any prior experience.

Well, once you create an account and login using the valid credentials, the remote desktop or phone will get connected to the control panel.

The data on the target phone is synced to the cloud, which gets auto-updated after the defined time by the application.

With iOS, there is no need to install anything at all, everything is done in the cloud. You just need to use the browser of your choice.

With Android, the app runs in the background on the target phone, and hence by no means will the target phone owner come to know that the data is being monitored under his phone.

Once you login to the application, it can be hidden, and further, there will be no record of the presence of such an app being installed. Also, there is no need to root or jailbreak the target device.


Are you looking for an answer to the question “how to track a phone number?” Well, the answer is easier than you’d expect. Apps such as Minspy are trusted by a lot of users, and the application has gained coverage in well-known media outlets.Here is one of the testimonial video from a user

Unlike other spying apps, this application has a lot of advantages. The mobile number address tracker is a lot easier and economical as these kinds of applications don’t require you to dig a hole in your pockets and clear down all your savings.

Also, these apps we discussed are legal and hence you shall be not landing in any legal troubles because the application is recognized.

The apps use stealth technology, meaning the tracking phone activities cannot be detected easily, also there is no need to root Android devices or jailbreak iOS.

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