How to Track My Son‘s iPhone Without Him Knowing

Worried about your son’s online activity and looking for a solution to track his iPhone without him knowing? Read on and you will get the ideal solution.

We are living under an ever-increasing influence of technology. Mobile phones, digital assistants, smart devices, tablets, etc. have become a part of our lives. No matter how much we try, our children do end up using these.

While there is a definite advantage of these technological innovations, there is a downside to them as well. Mobiles phones subject children to violent, abusive content that adversely affects their thought process. There is an increasing risk of cyberbullying too.

In an ideal world, you would want to be with him whenever he is on the internet using his iPhone. This idea is highly impractical, as he would be on the move for his education, coaching and have time out with friends. What is the solution then?

Are you wondering how to track my son’s iPhone without him knowing? There are many parents who are in the same boat. The idea seems too good to be true but here is the good news – there does exist a solution specially designed for parents like you.

How to Track My Sons iPhone Without Him Knowing?

If you run an internet search with this phrase, you will find millions of results. They all claim to be the best app to track someone’s iPhone. It is impossible for a common internet user to verify these claims.

This is where we come in. We have a team of technically qualified experts who have spent many years reviewing iPhones and it’s apps. There is a high risk (of data security, financial fraud, etc.) in downloading an app from the internet and installing it in your son’s iPhone.

We have leveraged our team’s vast technological expertise to handpick the best iPhone spy solution for you. Our research shows that customers want the following features in their ideal spy app:

  • Brand Identity
  • Data Security
  • Stealth Operation
  • Diligent
  • Easy to Use
  • Dependable

This list might look like an ideal solution, something that is too good to be true. However, hold your breath – our team of experts has indeed found that one gem of an app that has all these features, and many more!

Track Your Son’s iPhone Without Him Knowing By Using Minspy!

Minspy is the perfect solution to silently track iPhones. It has a long list of impressive features that make it a hit amongst parents. The most important feature is that it will do its job quietly in the background, without your son ever knowing about it.

Minspy comes from a reputed brand that has been operating for over 10 years. It has become the favored iPhone spy app for over 10 million customers spread across 190 countries.

1.1 Why Should I Use Minspy? Is it Trustworthy?

It is the first question you should ask about any app available on the net. We did deep research to ascertain Minspy’s credibility and learned some very positive things about it. It came across as one of the most reputed and credible apps, respected globally.

Not only is Minspy respected by millions around the world, but it has also earned glittering reviews by top media outlets. Forbes, The Next Web, CNET, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and many more reputed websites have reviewed it and praised its security and functionality.

Now that you are convinced about Minspy’s credibility, reputation and functionality, let us mention its best feature that makes users fall in love with it. It is a true spy app for tracking iPhone. It works silently in the background and you can access its data from anywhere in the world without the target user ever noticing it.

Before we reveal its other features, take a moment to have a look at Minspy’s website to explore it on your own.

1.2 How to Use Minspy to monitor my Son’s iPhone Without Him Knowing?

There are many iPhone tracking apps that actually work, but they have a complicated installation process. They need you to jailbreak your device as well as your son’s, posing an irreversible risk to both.

Minspy does not have any such requirements. There is no need to install anything anywhere, eliminating the need to install shady apps on your phones that pose a great risk to your phone, digital life, and private data.

Steps to Track Your Son’s iPhone Without Him Knowing

iOS is known for its complex security measures that are impossible to crack. The beauty of Minspy lies in its ability to bypass this security and retrieve data from the target iPhone to give you peace of mind.

The Minspy iPhone app accomplishes this with considerable ease, making it our top recommendation. Here are some of the features you are going to love about it:

  • Minspy works without jailbreak – There is no need to risk your expensive iPhone by jailbreaking it. A lot of products ask you to do this but Minspy is different.
  • No Shady Software Installation – Minspy works quietly in the background and never asks you to install any unverified software anywhere. This is a great asset in today’s digital age where you are never far from cybercrime.
  • Simple, Global Monitoring – This really is the icing on the cake. You can access your son’s iPhone data from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and your favorite browser. Just login to your Minspy account and start monitoring!

Easy steps for using Minspy:

  1. Create a Minspy account for Free and purchase an iPhone plan that best suits your requirement of tracking your son’s iPhone.
  2. Enter and verify iCloud details of your son’s iPhone. This is practically all you need to know for tracking your son’s phone continuously from the comfort of your couch.  Once the details are entered, allow Minspy a couple of minutes to settle in and start receiving data.minspy-verify-icloud-id-guide
  3. The installation process is now over. The portal will display a confirmation message upon successful verification, as per the screenshot below. You are now all set to start tracking your son’s messages, calls, social media activity and much more.minspy-finish-installation

The installation process is complete now. Whenever you want to track your son’s iPhone activities, simply choose it from the dashboard. Your dashboard will look something like the screenshot below. Just choose what you want to check and the information will be there!


You might still find it an unbelievable dream but this is how simple Minspy has made things for parents. Give it a try and you will have peace of mind forever.

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