How to Track My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing

Once you become a parent, there aren’t many things in life more important than your children. Naturally, anyone who has kids wants to protect them, and make sure they’re not in danger at any time.

And you would be amazed at all the different things you’d find yourself prepared to do in order to be certain your children are fine.

But if you’ve got a reason to believe that this is not the case; what should do then? Imagine if your daughter starts behaving irrationally, or she stops talking to you about things regarding his life.

Of course, once they start going through puberty, you need to accept a certain degree of mood changes. But if this persists, you’ll have to do something about it.

At the end of the day, these things may amount to nothing more than a usual teenage drama, some sort of temporary phase in their lives.

But what should you do if that’s not the case? In this day and age, there’s one all-stop-shop when it comes to finding out things about your children: their phones. In 2020, that’s where their entire social lives are.

To be more specific: if you want to find out where your kids are and what they’re doing, you’ll need to learn how to track your child’s phone. But is that possible at all?

And can you manage it without them learning anything? There’s no reason to worry – our guide will tell you everything you need to know!

Part 1: How to Track My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing

Modern technology is more than capable of solving quite a few problems; including the dilemma of what your potentially misbehaving kids are up to.

With that in mind – we’re going to introduce you to the amazing world of phone tracking apps. These can be used to great effects; like learning where your child is, without them ever having a clue.

Services like this will allow you to get a complete and regular report on the activities and places your kids go to; as well as their online communication on their phones.

You’ll know all about who they’re meeting when they go outside, who they’re chatting with online, and precisely where they’re going when they’re not home!

Though, once you do some lite online researching on phone tracking apps and services; you’ll realize that there are literally hundreds of them out there.

So, which way is the best to go, considering the number of different choices? We’ll give you a couple of suggestions, starting with Minspy!

After you begin looking for the best phone tracking app, you’ll see that many of the offered solutions are actually free.

But while this may help you save a few dollars in the short term; when we talk about pure effectiveness, these so-called “free” apps lag sorrily behind. Many of them are bad products you can’t actually rely on, and some of them are outright fakes!

Instead, we recommend going with a product that you may need to pay for; but you can also be completely certain that it’ll get the job done!

We’re talking about renowned and reputable solutions like Minspy. This is a phone tracking app that was praised by some of the leading world publications; such as The Next Web, Mac Worl, Tech Advisor, and Mashable.

For people looking to see their children’s locations or phone messages without them knowing anything, you won’t find any kind of better solution.

With Minspy, you don’t just get a state-of-the-art phone location tracker. Instead, you’ll have an entire surveillance suite at your absolute disposal; containing plenty of other nifty features. And most importantly – it’s utterly discreet.

1.1 Why should I use Minspy? Is it trustworthy?

As you might’ve been able to guess, this is an all-around complete phone surveillance package. With the Minspy app, you’ll be able to learn everything about your kids’ phone activities without any difficulties.

Apart from tracking their phone location, you’ll also be able to read their messages, sift through their call logs, and extensively view their browser history.

So, how does this solution work, and what are its benefits compared to the competition? Well, first and foremost – it actually works. All of the features advertised by Minspy are in a fully-functioning condition once you sign up for the service and set it up.

Also, seeing as most kids carry iPhones these days; you’ll be happy to learn that there’s no need to jailbreak the device before being able to track it.

And that’s important because jailbreaking isn’t a simple process; it’s something that can take a long while. If your kids have phones, you know how much time they spend apart from them; virtually none.

Plus, while accessing the phone would be difficult enough; jailbreaking is also a bad thing from a safety perspective.

If you jailbreak someone’s phone, you allow yourself more complete access to it. But that’s not limited to yourself, but also to any malicious hackers who wouldn’t have the best interests of your children in mind.

And that’s one of the premier reasons why Minspy is such a great tool for keeping track of your kids! You won’t have to jailbreak the device, which any truly concerned parent would want to avoid.

Also, it’s an incredibly inconspicuous tool; it’s practically impossible for your child to find out that you’re tracking them if you don’t tell them yourself.

The reason for that lies in Minspy’s ingenious design. Namely, when you’re using it to track an iOS device, you won’t need to deal with any kind of app. It’s web-based, meaning that it’s practically undetectable by the target user.

And even if your child makes the switch to an Android-based phone at some point, there will be no reason to worry; Minspy still works without a hitch!

Though, when it comes to Android devices, you will need to install a tiny app on the target phone. There’s no reason to worry though, as it’s incredibly small; less than 2MB, and easily hidable.Here is one of a testimonial video from a father:

If you want to check the app free of charge and without downloading anything, there is a free demo on the site.

Part 2: How to Track My Child’s Phone for Free

While Minspy is probably the finest phone tracking service you’ll be able to find, it’s far from being the only one. For example, there are alternatives like – Fami360.


This is also an app that will let you supervise your kids’ tablets or smartphones. Plus, you can manage what the kids will do and see when they’re online.

Obviously, this is another quality solution, otherwise, we wouldn’t mention it in the first place. However, it should be noted that, while being very effective, Fami360 is far more visible to your children than Minspy.

In fact, this is more of a parental control app than a surveillance suite; meaning that your kids will probably notice it, especially if you use one of its firewall features.

Though, it’s definitely useful in dealing with the abundance of modern online threats, to which children are particularly vulnerable.

Part 3: How to Track My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing for Free

If you’re truly bent on tracking your daughter’s phone location for free – there are ways of doing that without using any external software. After all, every phone these days has GPS capabilities; meaning that all you need is the right tool to read that data.

And you can find that on the phones themselves. For instance – many people don’t realize that, unless you explicitly turn this feature off, Google saves all of your location data.

That’s right – once you open up Google maps, you’ll find a timeline option. And it contains all of your movements that you did with the GPS on.

So, if you manage to gain access to your kids’ phones, you can view this data through the Google Maps app. And if your child uses an iPhone, don’t worry; there’s always the data saved in the iCloud for the Find My Phone feature – which you can use to the same effect!


As you can see, there are plenty of solutions for tracking your kid’s phone without them knowing. And while the free ones may be able to get you what you need as well, we still recommend you try a more professional approach via something like Minspy.

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