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Watch Over What Matters With Minspy

iphone spy app for parents
Safeguard Your Kids

Your kids are priceless. You can better keep them safe through Minspy. The app allows you to monitor your kid’s personal iPhone or iPad remotely as well as discreetly, if that’s your preference. You can access the various parental control features from your web browser.

You can make sure your kids only access age-appropriate content and protect them from virtual dangers like bullies, perverts, and scammers. The app allows you to track their messages, phone calls, location, social media activity, installed apps, and much more.

Keep Tabs On Your Employees

Do you provide company phones to your employees? If the answer is yes, then you can use Minspy to keep tabs on them. You can set up Minspy to monitor any employee’s iPhone or iPad remotely, without the need of a prior jailbreak or software install.

What do you gain from monitoring your employees? Not all employees have good intentions or can be trusted. Some of them may steal from your company or sell company secrets to an employer. It happens often. Minspy allows you to determine which employee is trustworthy and which isn’t via their phone activity.

iphone spy app for emplyors

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