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Follow WhatsApp private and group conversations remotely.

Find out what they're doing on WhatsApp with Minspy

  • Read their personal and group messages with Minspy.
  • Check the media files they send out and receive.
  • See their contact details and view profile pics.
  • Access WhatsApp without root or jailbreak with Minspy.

3 Steps to Monitor WhatsApp

Sign Up Free

Sign up for a Minspy account. Use your email ID as the username.

Install Minspy

Follow the setup instructions and get Minspy installed on the target device.

Access WhatsApp

Read WhatsApp messages by logging into your online dashboard.

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Monitor WhatsApp Remotely

Need to monitor someone’s WhatsApp activity, for whatever reason? Use Minspy to do it remotely and discreetly. The app allows you to keep tabs on someone’s WhatsApp use from any web browser. You can start monitoring in a matter of minutes. It’s simple, risk-free, and easy.

If you have Minspy installed, log in to the dashboard to get started. Look for the WhatsApp option in the selection menu on your left. The WhatsApp window gives you an overview of what’s happening in the messenger in near-real-time. The messages are arranged from newest to oldest.

What kind of details can you see? You can check all incoming and outgoing messages. That includes private and group conversations. If a message is deleted, Minspy still allows you to see it because of the auto-archive feature. The other details tracked are contact names, exchanged media files, display pictures, and timestamps.

WhatsApp spy

Why Keep an Eye on WhatsApp?

Minspy’s WhatsApp spy feature is popular with parents, employers, and people in relationships. Parents use it to make sure their kids are safe and aren’t being targeted by bullies, abusive people, or sexual predators. Minspy offers other parental control features too, along with WhatsApp monitoring.

Employers often use Minspy to monitor a problem employee or two. If the employee chats on WhatsApp instead of working, for example, or is trading company information for a quick buck, then the employer can catch them out. They can also use other monitoring features like geofencing and location tracking to track employees.

Lastly, people in relationships can check if their partners are being faithful. Minspy allows you to monitor your partner’s messages over a prolonged period of time. If they’re talking to someone they shouldn’t be, exchanging private messages and photos, then you’ll know and can do something about it.

Works Without Root or Jailbreak

Minspy allows you to monitor WhatsApp activity without rooting or jailbreaking the target device. This ability makes Minspy a cutting-edge app, not to mention super easy to use. You can install Minspy in a matter of minutes in a worry-free manner.

Monitor WhatsApp in Secret

You don’t want to be caught monitoring someone’s WhatsApp. It could lead to trouble and damaged relationships. Fortunately, Minspy is as stealthy as can be. Both the Android and iOS versions of the app are near impossible to detect. The app works remotely form your web browser, meaning you don’t go anywhere near the device to monitor it.

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