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Follow the user's Viber activity via your web browser.

Curious about what they're doing on Viber? Find out in minutes.

  • Read private and group Viber conversations.
  • View Viber-related media files.
  • Check deleted messages in your personal archive.
  • Find Viber contact details, including names and numbers.

3 Quick Steps to Spying on Viber

Sign Up

Subscribe to a Minspy monthly plan. Use your email ID during registration.

Install the App

Install Minspy by following the provided setup instructions.

Track Viber

Monitor Viber from your web browser by logging in.

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Keep Tabs on Viber Remotely

Minspy allows you to track the user’s Viber-related activity conveniently from your web browser. You’ll need to set up Minspy on the target device first. Afterward, you’ll get daily updates delivered to your online account. You can decide the update frequency.

To access Viber activity, login to the dashboard and find the Viber option in the panel on the left. The Viber window gives you a detailed look at the user’s Viber messenger. The messages are recorded from the newest to oldest, in reverse chronological order.

The Viber window not only tracks all incoming and outgoing messages on the messenger app, but it also offers extra details. Every message comes with a time and date entry. The contacts information is recorded, allowing you to see who is messaging the user. You can see traded media files. Finally, if the user deletes a message, you can still access it via Minspy!

Works Without Root

Minspy is one of the only apps in the market that can monitor Viber without root. That makes Minspy easy and convenient to install. It also helps you avoid drawing the user’s attention, if you’re attempting to spy on their Viber without them knowing. Note that Minspy can’t spy on Viber on iPhones or iPads at present.

Access Viber Discreetly

Want to spy on Viber without being seen? Minspy is the right tool for the job if that’s the case! The app runs in the background on the Android phone or tablet, without draining the battery. It’s small, doesn’t have an app icon, and is built to be stealthy. You’ll be able to monitor Viber worry-free.

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