Spy on Facebook Messenger Chat

Spy App for Facebook Messenger

Monitor someone's Facebook Messenger and see what they get up to.

Receive regular updates on someone's Facebook use with Minspy.

  • Check private and group Facebook messages.
  • See uploaded and exchanged photos or videos.
  • View contacts, including names and profile pics.

3 Easy Steps to Start Spying on Anyone's Facebook Messenger

Sign Up Free

Sign up for a free Minspy account with your email ID as the username.

Set Up Minspy

Get the app up and running. Refer to the on-screen instructions.

See Facebook Usage

Log in to the Minspy dashboard to monitor their Facebook-use.

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View Someone's Facebook Activity Remotely

With Minspy, you can monitor someone's Facebook activity in a stress-free way from any web browser. Minspy can access Facebook on any Android smartphone or tablet, provided you have Minspy up and running first. You won't need to root the target device to set up Minspy.

After you install Minspy, login to the online dashboard to access the Facebook-related activity. Look for the Facebook or Messenger selection in the menu to the left. The Facebook or Messenger windows are where you can see all incoming and outgoing messages. You can also see other related details.

Essentially, you can see almost everything the person does on FB. You can read both private as well as group chats. You'll also be able to check information available about their Contacts and learn details like names, profile pictures, email addresses, and much more.

There are timestamps attached to every conversation to allow you to determine when a conversation happened. Furthermore, you can also view and download Facebook-related media files too.

Facebook spy

Why See Someone's Facebook?

Checking someone's Facebook activity can sometimes be necessary. If you're a parent, you can see what your child is doing and make sure they're talking to only appropriate people. As an employer, you can ensure your employees are working when they should be and not slacking off. There are several other scenarios where looking at someone's Facebook can prove to be useful.

Set Up Minspy Without Root

You can use Minspy to monitor Facebook without having to root the target Android phone first. Most of the other spy apps in the market require root first. Be aware that Minspy doesn't offer a Facebook spy feature for iOS as of now. It was discontinued because jailbreak was necessary, which is dangerous and voids the warranty. However, Minspy CAN still monitor WhatsApp on iOS.

Minspy is Stealthy

Minspy allows you to monitor Facebook in complete secrecy! After you install Minspy, you can hide the app. It then runs in the background without draining the phone's battery or slowing it down. The user will never know their Facebook activity is being looked at.

Spying on Facebook for Employers

You can keep an eye on your employee's Facebook use with Minspy. If there are some slackers, you can pull them up. If you offer official Facebook assistance via Messenger, then you can potentially use Minspy to monitor your staff's messages in secret to see how your employees respond to customers. You can see who's actually working and who isn't.

Additionally, you may be able to tell if someone is selling company informaiton to a competitor via Messenger. Also, you might be able to prevent good employees from being poached by other employers.

Spying on Facebook for Parents

Kids these days often spend the majority of their time on social media platforms like Facebook. But, as you may be aware, Facebook can be a harsh place for children sometimes.

Scammers, bullies, and perverts often target young children via Facebook. If you want to keep your children safe, it's always a good idea to monitor their Facebook activity. With Minspy, you can watch them without them knowing and nip problems in the bud.

It's easy to set up Minspy. You can then monitor Facebook remotely from your web browser, without being discovered. Minspy is known to be a secure as well as reliable app. Well over a million people use Minspy at the moment. Download Minspy now!

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