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Track someone's Snapchat activity from any web browser in secret.

Wondering what someone is doing on Snapchat? Minspy has the answer.

  • Track all incoming or outgoings messages.
  • Read deleted or expired Snapchat messages.
  • Find contacts info and exchanged media files.
  • Acess it in minutes from your web browser.

Spy on Snapchat in 3 Steps

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Get a Minspy account. Use your email ID for the sign up.

Install Minspy

Follow the provided instructions to get Minspy set up.

Monitor Snapchat

See what the person is doing on Snapchat via your web browser.

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View Snacphat Activity Remotely

Use Minspy to monitor anyone’s Snapchat account activity from your web browser. All you have to do is install Minspy first. The app will automatically bring you Snapchat-related updates to your online dashboard. It’s stealthy, reliable, and needs no special know-how on your part.

How do you see the Snapchat activity? Log in to the Minspy dashboard and look for the Snapchat option in the menu to your left. This will bring up the Snapchat window, which contains a record of the user’s Snapchat activity, arranged from the newest to the oldest.

The Snapchat window will show you private and group conversations. Every chat entry will come with its own time and date stamp. Even when Snapchat automatically clears a message or the user manually deletes it, you can still read the message on the dashboard, thanks to Minspy’s auto-archive feature. The other details tracked include contact info and media files.

Why Spy on Someone’s Snapchat?

You can learn a lot by spying on someone’s Snapchat. Sometimes it’s the only way to determine the truth. If someone you know is lying to you, for example, you can keep tabs on their Snapchat use to find out the truth. Think your partner is cheating on you? Watch their Snapchat use to be sure.

Parents can also monitor their kids’ Snapchat account and make sure they’re safe from bullies and perverts. Kids make for easy targets and bullies or perverts are known to prefer Snapchat because of its auto-expiry of messages feature. With Minspy, you can keep an eye out for signs of trouble remotely.

Make use of Minspy to monitor anyone's Snapchat use in secret. It's stealthy and simple to use. Download Minspy now!

No-Root and No-Jailbreak Access

Minspy is a no-root and no-jailbreak solution. That means you can use Minspy on stock phones without messing with the operating system in any way or risking voiding the warranty. Note that, at present, Minspy can only monitor Snapchat on Android devices. The iOS version support has been discontinued, though that may change in the future.

Track Snapchat Use Secretly

You can monitor Snapchat with Minspy without fear of getting found out. The app is made to be stealthy. The Android version works in the background without the user knowing. The iOS version is web-based, needs no software install, and can’t be detected.

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