The Minspy for iOS Solution Setup Guide

A step-by-step guide on how to monitor an iPhone using Minspy.

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Minspy is a stealthy iPhone and iPad spy app. You can monitor critical data on the target iPhone or iPad remotely from any web browser with Minspy. You can have it up and running in minutes

Part One: What Do You Need to Start Spying on an iPhone?

A Paid Account

Use this to access the Minspy control panel and the various spy features.

iCloud Account Linked to the Target iPhone

Access to the username and password of the iCloud account being used on the target iPhone.

Part Two: How to Track the iPhone or iPad Quickly

There are only 2 simple steps to follow:

1. Register for a Minspy account.
2. Log in to the control panel from your web browser and start monitoring the iOS device.

We'll walk you through the installation process here:

Step 1. Create a New Minspy Account

First, create a Minspy account and then purchase a premium monthly subscription. How do you create a Minspy account? Click on the "Sign Up Free" button on the Minspy website to register. Alternatively, sign-up directly by using the form below:

Step 2. Follow the Setup Wizard (No App Download Needed)

After you purchase Minspy, you will receive an email. In the email, choose "Start Monitoring" to access the Setup Wizard and start the remote installation process. Note that you can install Minspy from any PC or smartphone browser, as long as there is a stable internet connection. On the first page of the Setup Wizard, enter the name of your target (this become's the phone's name), and then select the phone OS "iOS(iCloud)".

select iphone to track

2. On the next screen, enter the iCloud ID and password. Be aware that if you want to successfully monitor the target iPhone/iPad without jailbreak, the following conditions should be met:

1. iCloud backup has been enabled on the target iOS device.
2. Two-Factor Authentication has been disabled.
track iphone icloud backup

3. If have the prerequisites sorted, select the target iOS device you are going to monitor from the iCloud list on your screen.

select which iphone to track

4. Congratulations! You've now setup Minspy successfully. Just click on the "Start" button to start monitoring the iPhone remotely. It may take some time for Minspy's servers to sync with the target device's data. You can access the Minspy control panel from any web browser.

finish tracking someone's iPhone

Part Three: Learn More About Minspy's Supported Features