Check Saved Contacts

Check Saved Contacts

Access someone's smartphone address book to view everyone they know.

Use Minspy to find out who the phone user is in touch with.

  • See a list of all saved contacts.
  • Check out in-depth contact details.
  • Find names, pictures, and addresses.

3 Simple Steps to Tracking Contacts Online

Sign Up

Register for a Minspy account with your email ID as the username.

Choose iOS or Android

Pick either iOS or Android as your target platform.

View Contact Data

Log in to the Minspy dashboard online to view the Contact details.

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You Can Remotely Access Someone's Contacts

You can remotely and discreetly take a look at someone's Contacts with Minspy from any web browser. All you have to do is get Minspy to work with the target phone first, as outlined in the three steps above. Afterward, login to the online dashboard and then look for the Contacts option in the selection panel on your left.

The Contacts screen is where you can see the details of the address book. There are 10 contacts per page. But you can optionally make it up to 100. Some of the details on offer are names, photos, and contact frequency.

You can select any entry for a closer look at a contact. You will then see details like the person's job description, their address, and email address. You can download their details to your device if necessary.

Why Take a Look at Someone's Contacts Info?

The world isn't always a friendly place. If you're a parent, you're doubtlessly aware of that. Kids are often in danger from bullies, sexual predators, perverts, and the like online. You can better keep an eye on them by often vetting their contacts.

As an employer, it's essential that you keep an eye on your employees. If an employee is selling company secrets, your busines will suffer. If a star employee is being taken away by a competitor, you will lose a great deal of productivity. Your employee's contact book can show you who they're talking to.

Using Minspy, you can monitor anyone remotely. It's risk-free to use and you can get it up and running in minutes!

View Contacts Without Root or Jailbreak

You can use Minspy without having to root or jailbreak the target phone, which makes it a cutting-edge solution! The Android version works like a normal, lightweight, hidden app on the target's phone. The iOS variant works directly from your web browser, without needing a download..

Remain Hidden

Don't want to be found out? No problem! The Android version of Minspy is a hidden utility. You can hide the app and it's not resource-intensive at all, meaning the user won't be able to detect it. The iOS version of Minspy, however, works via iCloud backup, meaning there's no app to detect!

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