View Saved Pictures and Videos

Photo Gallery Spy App

Take a look at their saved photos and videos remotely.

Use Minspy to view and download their photos and videos.

  • Find all selfies and self-shot photos and videos.
  • View downloaded or received images and clips.
  • Check for app and other activity screenshots.
  • Look at details like locations and timestamps.

Spy on Photos in Three Easy Steps

Sign Up

Get a Minspy account. Use your email ID to sign up.

Set Up Minspy

Install Minspy on the target Android or iOS device.

See the Media Files

You can monitor the media files from your phone or PC dashboard.

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Look at Their Media Files Remotely

Minspy provides a convenient, stress-free way to monitor anyone’s photo and video reel. You can set up the app in a matter of minutes and check out the media files on the target phone or tablet from any web browser. It’s discreet, safe, and requires no technical skills on your part.

First, set up Minspy to work with the target device. Then look for the Pictures or Video Preview option in the menu to your left. Choose the option you want to check out to open up the Picture or Video Preview window. As the name suggests, these windows show you the latest picture or videos saved on the target device.

The pictures or videos you can see are arranged from newest to oldest. Every photo or video comes with a time and date entry. You can download them from later viewing. The photos or videos you can access include the self-shot ones, the ones received via social media, and the ones downloaded from the internet.

Why Monitor Someone’s Photos & Videos?

Monitoring someone’s photos & videos can come in very handy in many cases. Parents can keep their children safe, for example, by regularly screening their photos. There have been cases of children being forced to share private photos with strangers. By monitoring your kids’ photo reel, you can prevent that from happening.

If you’re in a relationship and think your partner isn’t being faithful, taking a look at their photo or videos will help you figure out the truth. If you’re an employer and are having problems with an employee, taking a look at their photos/videos, along with the rest of the phone activity, can help you pinpoint the root cause of the trouble.

Minspy allows you to monitor photos and videos discreetly, without root or jailbreak. It’s also very discreet. The phone or tablet user will never be able to tell you are watching. Start monitoring with Minspy today!

If necessarry, you can use Minspy discreetly. The Android version of the app runs in the background on the device, without draining the battery. It's small and undetectable. The iOS version of Minspy is fully web-based and works without a software download or install. As a result, it can't be detected.

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