10 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps


One day, a friend of mine called me and asked me to have an urgent lunch with him, as there was something that was bugging him. I became concerned for him and when we talked at lunch, he told me about the tragedy that had befallen him.

He was away for a tour for a few months and when he came back, his marital life seemed to be upside down. He felt like his wife had turned distant to him and he was suspicious that something was going on. She would often spend most of her time busy on her phone using WhatsApp, and my friend needed to badly ascertain what the actual picture was.

When I saw him, he was in a bad shape and it was apparent that he has had some sleepless nights due to stress. Luckily, as I had some knowledge about this and that, I helped him out with a trick I learned long ago- spying on a WhatsApp account.

His problem was solved but unfortunately, his suspicions stood corrected. However, there are a lot of people who are caught in a similar situation, and they can not figure out how to find for sure if the suspicions they have are true or not.

For all these people, I am going to talk about the 10 best WhatsApp spy apps that you can use to read any WhatsApp chats secretly.

Best WhatsApp Spy Apps

These apps are lined started from the best and moving down from there:

Part 1: Minspy

When it comes to spying on a WhatsApp account and reading every single chat (even the deleted ones), Minspy is the app you need to use.

Minspy is a best spy app that not only gives you the WhatsApp messages of a person, but in fact so much more. With Minspy, you can do things that you always wanted but thought were impossible (for instance recording someone’s phone calls).

Minspy is designed to work for spying. It does the job remotely, which means that you can read someone’s WhatsApp messages even if they are in a whole different corner of the world. This is the magic of Minspy, or should I say its cutting edge technology.


What Makes Minspy the BEST WhatsApp Spying App

Well, if you want to find out the best thing about Minspy, it would be hard to keep your finger at a single thing. There are so many things combined that make sure that no other app offers as much as Minspy. Some of these things include:

The Minspy Dashboard:

You can use Minspy without installing any app on your end. This happens through the Minspy dashboard, that can open in any web browser you use. All you have to do is visit the website and login.


Minspy Requirements

Most WhatsApp spy apps will ask you to root or jailbreak the target phone in order to spy on its WhatsApp messages. However, Minspy has spent extra effort to develop technology that can crack a phone’s WhatsApp without needing to root or jailbreak the device.

Minspy Security

There is often news about the private data of users getting stolen from even the biggest companies such as Facebook. This why Minspy employs the top-notch security protocols in the world. In fact, none of your private data is stored on Minspy’s own servers.

Minspy Interface

Minspy does not need any technical knowledge to be operated. Its interface is clean and simple, and all the feartures can be accessed with a single click. It is not like those complex spying apps you see in movies.

I know so many good things in a single app can be a little hard to believe. I think Minspy knew this, and this is why there is a free demo which can be used to see how the app works. It doesn’t require you to install any app or sign up for the service.

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How Minspy Gets You Someone’s WhatsApp Chats Without Being Caught

Minspy has different app designs for spying on the WhatsApp messages of Android phones and iPhones. This is because of the different designs of these two devices. I will tell you about each of them:

Spying on WhatsApp Installed in an iPhone:

Minspy is a best spy app for iPhone. When it comes to spying on the WhatsApp messages of iPhones, Minspy has developed ways through which you can accomplish that without even touching the target iPhone even once. Yes, that is true. You no longer need to install any app on the target iPhone or jailbreak it.


All iPhones have the iCloud feature in them, so the data of an iPhones gets uploaded to the iCloud server in an encrypted format. Minspy utilizes this data backup to extract the WhatsApp messages of the user, along with other vital information. All this information is then presented to your Minspy dashboard.

Therefore, there is no step that involves making any changes on the target iPhone. Hence, you are never in the risk of being caught by the user whose WhatsApp messages you are reading.

Spying on WhatsApp Installed on an Android Phone:

When it comes to Android phone. Minspy is also the best spy app for Android. When you are spying on someone’s WhatsApp messages on Android phone, things become very different. In an Android phone, spying of any kind is not possible without installing the spy app on the target phone.

This is true whether you use Minspy, any other app on our list, or any other working app on the entire internet. Android phones are simply designed that way.

Minspy understands this, and this is why its Android installation app is designed to be 100% hidden. I know you might be wondering how is that even possible. Well, here is how:

The app size is less than 2 MB, which means that it just takes a few seconds to install it. Once it is installed, the app icon will vanish from the app menu of the target phone completely. Therefore, the other user will never see it on their phone.

The app runs in the background without giving out any notifications. It doesn’t even drain any battery. And when it comes to uninstalling it,  you can do it remotely with the Minspy Dashboard, that opens in any web browser you like.

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Part 2: Spyine

Minspy is not the only top class WhatsApp spy apps out there. Spyine is another WhatsApp spy app that is just as good, and gives Minspy tough competition.

Spyine is developed by the best ethical programmers in the world coming together to design a solution that can do the unexpected- reading someone’s WhatsApp messages without their phone. While WhatsApp was busy making claims about their non-penetrable software, Spyine developed a web app that can crack it within a couple of minutes.

Of course, WhatsApp’s security is not to be blamed for this. Spyine makes use of the vulnerabilities present in Android and iOS devices to forward you any message that the user sends or receive’s from their phone. Some of the reasons that make Spyine the first choice of users include::

User Support

Spyine not only provides a perfect bug-free app, but it also provides user support which makes sure that any query of every user is handled. In fact, they have a dedicated team working round the clock for this purpose.


While there is no WhatsApp spy app that comes for free, the prices vary from app to app. Spyine offers the lowest price in the segment, for the same features and more. This makes Spyine an app that every user wants to use.


You might have seen spy apps in movies with all the numbers and codes flashing on the screen that make no sense at all. Spyine’s interface is nothing like that. It is easy to use and you are never going to find any trouble with it, no matter you are a tech geek or a newbie.

WhatsApp Media Files

Spyine also allows you to access someone’s WhatsApp media files like pictures, videos, and voice notes right from the Spyine dashboard. This is a much sought out feature (and very useful too).

Other than these benefits, there is also the fact that Spyine provides the WhatsApp spy service without asking you to root or jailbreak the target device.

Part 3: Spyier


Spyier is the rising star of WhatsApp spying apps. While it is a relatively newer app, it is becoming more and more popular day by day. This is because it is a minimalistic and simple app that does the job quietly. There are no hard requirements and no big bragging ads, which makes Spyier the preferred app for users who want a simple WhatsApp spying solution.

Having tried Spyier myself, there is no errors in the app that can be found. The whole process of getting someone’s WhatsApp messages on your screen takes about five minutes if you are using Spyier, which I would say is a fast turnaround.

Further, the price is cheap and there is no need to root or jailbreak the target device. This is why Spyier enjoys a very high retention rate, with all its subscribers renewing the service again and again.

Part 4: Fami360

Fami360 is a WhatsApp spy app specially designed for parents. In fact, it is a complete parental monitoring app.

WhatsApp spying is not just needed by people who are suspicious of their partners. Parents often need WhatsApp spy apps to make sure that their children are safe. After all, I don’t need to tell you about all the cybercrime that is going out there and targeting innocent children.

In fact, since children are most vulnerable, they face the greatest risk of being victims to malicious things going on the internet. You never know who they are talking to and what they are talking about.

This is where Fami360 comes into play. It gives the entire WhatsApp activity of your child, along with a lot of other useful things. This makes sure that you know every aspect of your child and can intervene when you feel anything is endangering them.

Part 5: Spyic


If you want the most widely used phone spy app on the internet, you can start using Spyic without any second thought. Spyic has millions of subscribers all over the world, which is without a doubt due to the impeccable features they provide.

Spyic holds more than 35 features in its quiver, which include Facebook spying, Instagram spying, and most importantly- WhatsApp spying. For every social media platforms that is popular among the masses, there is a Spyier module that is present to crack it and spy on it.

Remember about the friend who I told you about in the beginning of this article? Spyic is the app that I suggested he should use. This app turned out to be a life saver for him (perhaps literally, since we all know how heartbreaking betrayals can be).

Part 6: Cocospy


WhatsApp spy apps are no longer present on the dark corners of the internet. In fact, many of them enjoy the same popularity as WhatsApp itself. Take the case of Cocospy for instance.

Cocospy is the most popular phone spy app that I have seen on the internet. I have read positive reviews about it in almost all the major media outlets, such as Forbes, PCMag, TechRadar, etc.

In fact, it was one of these reviews that aroused my curiosity and made me try Cocospy. It was perhaps the first WhatsApp spy app I ever tried. I still remember my surprise on seeing that a WhatsApp spy app actually works.

If you are looking for the most reputed WhatsApp spy app, you definitely need to give Cocospy a try. I promise you that would end up thanking me later.

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Part 7: Spyhuman

While Spyhuman is a relatively unpopular WhatsApp spy app, it can do the job very well. It enjoys moderate subscribers that use it to mainly read someone’s WhatsApp messages.

While Spyhuman does not have as many features as the apps we have read about so far, it is not something that would disappoint you. Like Fami360, the primary focus of Spyhuman is to provide a WhatsApp monitoring solution to parents who worry about their children. Unlike Fami360, Spyhuman can be a little hard to use as its interface is not really that user friendly.


A major disappointing factor about Spyhuman is that you cannot use it without the permission of the target user. If you are using Spyhuman, the other person has to know about it. In fact, Spyhuman requires that you take their permission before reading their Whastapp messages.

Part 8: Xnspy

Since parents make up a majority of the portion of people who need a WhatsApp spy app, I will talk about another phone spy solution that is designed to be used by parents- Xnspy.

While Xnspy is not as easy to use as other apps on this list, it does what it promises- give you the WhatsApp chats of any person. In fact, it also offers a stealth mode which makes sure that you can spy on someone’s WhatsApp messages quietly.


One thing that you are not going to like about Xnspy is that it requires you to jailbreak the target iPhone if you want to read its WhatsApp messages. I absolutely despise this, since I know how jailbreaking can render a phone useless. It can also expose your priavte data to malicious entities, which is quite risky.

Other than that, Xnspy is a good and usable WhatsApp spy app. The thing they need to work on is their price, which falls on the higher end of the scale (even though it has lesser features than our top apps).

Part 9: Mobistealth

Mobistealth is another good and working WhatsApp spying solution that works for Android and iPhones. While it has the least number of users as compared to the other apps on this list, the features of Mobistealth are not so bad.


A little deal breaking factor about Mobistealth is that the WhatsApp chats can often seem to disappear. For example, some of the WhatsApp messages of the other user might not be spied upon if you are using Mobistealth. Also, Mobistealth is not the perfect choice of app if you are looking to spy on their WhatsApp multimedia files as well.

Part 10: Teensafe

While at first glance Teensafe might seem like an app that a child developed, it is not so bad when it comes to using it. It is a working WhatsApp spy solution in a world which is full of scams, which gives it a slot in our list of best WhatsApp spy apps.

You should opt for Teensafe only if you are looking for an app to have fun with, and are not actually looking for reading someone’s WhatsApp messages seriously. While Teensafe does the job, I would suggest you to try out every other app on this list above it, before you actually try out Teensafe.

Part 11: Frequently Asked Questions

People are often confused when it comes to a topic like spying on someone’s WhatsApp messages. This is why, i will try to answer the questions that commonly come in people’s minds.

Q: Do WhatsApp spy apps actually work?

A: Of course they do. While there are scams on the internet that claim to spy on someone’s WhatsApp but don’t work, the apps on this list are well researched and found to work all the time.

Q: Can I get a Whastapp spy app for free?

A: No. WhatsApp spy apps require a great deal of effort and tech to develop, hence they all are paid apps.

Q: How much time it takes to crack a WhatsApp account and read its chats?

A: This varies from app to app. All the top five apps on this list can do it under five minutes.

Q: Can I spy on WhatsApp messages of an Android phone without touching it?

A: Absolutely not. Android phones require the spy app to be installed on the phone itself.

Q: How will I know if a WhatsApp spy app is a scam?

A: If the WhatsApp spy app is anything out of this list, it is probably a scam. There are very few WhatsApp spy solutions that actually work.


Now that you know about the best WhatsApp spy apps that actually work, there is nothing stopping you from doing the job. All you have to do is pick your favorite and get started!


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