How to Check Someone’s Call History Online

Have you ever wondered how to check someone’s call history online? This is one thought that must have crossed your mind many times over, but there is no obvious solution in sight.

No matter how much we trust our children, boyfriend, girlfriend or friends, we all get some doubts about them. Isn’t it better to clarify those doubts yourself and get it over with rather than letting the anger build within and risk spoiling your relationship?

We all feel the urge to straightaway pick their phones and see what they have been up to. Simple as it sounds, this is a big invasion of privacy and if you get caught, your relationship will be broken forever.

How to Check Someone’s Call History Online?

Many of you must have searched for phrases like how to check someone’s call history online for free? You might have got (or even tried) a few of the results but they turned out to be scams.

Well, this is why we have put together this article for you – there exists a way to check your boyfriend/girlfriend’s phone records online. What’s more – they will never even know about it.

Part 1: How to Track Someone’s Call History Online?

There are so many misleading brands being marketed on the Internet that a layman can easily get cheated. There are a number of factors that must be present in an ideal spying solution. They are:

  • It should come from a reputed brand.
  • The target user should never know about its operation.
  • There should be minimal (ideally no) requirement to install new software.
  • It should promise data security
  • It should be really easy to use, even for common people who are not technology experts.

Our technology team has spent a lot of time, carefully trying out and reviewing apps that claim to work so well. They have finally uncovered the ideal spy app that can get the call records of your near and dear ones online, without them ever knowing about it.

1.1 Minspy – The Magical App that Gets Call History Online Without Anyone Knowing

Phones are getting smarter and more sophisticated. However, Minspy is one such app that can unlock the most secure doors and let you in. Whether the platform is Android or iOS, it works like a charm and fetches many other details.

Minspy is one of the most popular apps around the globe when it comes to spying. The brand has been in operation for a decade, covering 190+ countries and millions of users.

Globally reputed media houses like Forbes, PC Mag, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and Mashable have written rave reviews about it. All these factors firmly establish its credibility and separate it from those shady apps that are out there just to cheat you.

1.2 Why You Must Use Minspy to Track Call Records Silently?

  • Global Reputation – Minspy has earned a reputation for being the best spy app and is a favorite for users around the world.
  • Data Security Guaranteed – It does not store any data on its servers. Hence, even its employees cannot access your data and it is perfectly safe.
  • Silent Operation – It retrieves the call records silently, without the user ever knowing about it. That is the real challenge that many other apps fail at.
  • No Need to Jailbreak or Root – Minspy has a unique cloud-based architecture that does not require you to mess with the target phone’s core operating system. This offers you complete peace of mind while using it.
  • One-Stop Spy Solution – Minspy’s abilities are not restricted to just spying on call records. It can spy on Social Media apps, Instant Messages, Photos, Videos and much more.

1.3 How to Track Someone’s Call History Without Them Knowing?

As mentioned earlier, Minspy works wonderfully for both Android and iOS solutions. Irrespective of the operating system, it works in the background and the user never knows that his calls are being tracked.

We now show you how to spy on iPhone without installing software step by step:

How to Use Minspy on iOS to Check Someone’s Call Records Online?

  1. Sign up for Free on Minspy’s website.
  2. Enter the iCloud username and password of the phone whose call record you want to retrieve. Once the credentials are verified, wait for a couple of minutes and you will have a confirmation like below.minspy-verify-icloud-id-guide
  3. That’s about it. Your set up process is complete. Just hit the “Start” button and you will be able to check the call records online, from the comfort of your living room.minspy-finish-installation

Aren’t the steps really easy to follow? As you observed, you can spy on iPhone without jailbreak. Minspy works on the iCloud backup and you can access the details from anywhere in the world by logging into your account.

How to Use Minspy on Android to Check Someone’s Call Records Online?

Android installation requires just one small additional step. You need to download and install a small software (less than 3 MB in size) on the target phone. Don’t worry – it will never get detected due to its small size and will operate from the background.

Note – The architecture of the Android operating system mandates installing software for tracking its applications. Beware of websites that claim to do this without installing an app. They are fakes looking to steal your money and data.

  1. Register on Minspy’s website by creating your personal user account.minspy-sign-up
  2. Install the Minspy app on the target Android phone, whose call records you want to retrieve online.spy-on-android-with-minspy
  3. That is all you need to do for set up. The installed app will silently send the phone’s data to your account hosted in the cloud and you will be able to access it anytime, from anywhere in the world.

In case you have questions around Minspy’s Android installation, you can always refer to this handy Minspy Android installation guide for a detailed explanation.

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot many additional things that you can do with Minspy. Sign up for this ultimate spy app and your life will change for the better!

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