How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages for Free?

These days, children face a lot of threats online and offline. There are bullies, scammers, perverts, toxic people, and various other people with bad intentions.

Your child means the world to you. So when anything threatens their wellbeing, you spring into action and defend them.

How Can I Monitor My Child's Text Messages

But prevention is always better than cure. If you keep tabs on your child or children, you can nip problems in the bud before they become impossible to deal with. In this day and age, that means keeping an eye on your child’s text messages! So you may curious that does spy texts really work? And the answer is—YES!

We show you how you can monitor your child’s text messages in this article with the help of phone spy software – Minspy, to be specific.

Part 1: How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages Without Them Knowing

Minspy is a top-rated phone monitoring and parental control application. Over a million people from all over the world make use of the solution, including parents looking to keep an eye on their children.

The app has been recommended for parents by top online media channels such as BBC, Tom’s Guide, Tech News Daily, and Newsweek. The app not only offers a wide range of powerful parental control features, but it also allows you to keep tabs on your kids in secret.

Additionally, Minspy protects your and your child’s privacy. Your personal details are never stored on the servers or shared with anyone. Unlike with many other spy apps, Minspy provides you with excellent privacy protection.

1.1 Minspy Allows You to Monitor Your Children in Secret

Let’s face it – children, especially when they get old, don’t constantly like being supervised by their parents. Sometimes it’s better to monitor them in secret. That way, you can keep an eye on them without them trying to shake you off.

Minspy was built with stealth in mind. You can keep an eye on your kids with Minspy without them knowing! How does this work?

The Android version of Minspy is a 2MB app. You can download and install it on your child’s smartphone or tablet. After you’ve done installing the app, you can hide it. The app will then send you monitoring data to your online dashboard secretly.

Minspy for Android is small, hidden, and runs in the background. It doesn’t use much battery or slow down the device. As a result, it’s impossible to detect.

The iOS version of Minspy is a fully web-based solution. You can use the app without having to download or install any software. Instead of working with the iPhone or iPad directly, Minspy works with the iCloud account linked to it instead.

As Minspy for iOS is web-based and works without software installation, the app can’t be detected at all!

To learn how to install Minspy on your child’s iPhone or iPad, please read part 2. If your child uses an Android phone or tablet, check part 3.

Part 2: How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages on iPhone

Minspy has a great powerful features that help you spy on someones text messages without their phone for free. So you can use Minspy to monitor your child’s text messages on iPhones and iPads remotely. You will need your child’s iCloud account details during the setup.

Installing Minspy is very easy. You can do it from any web browser. You don’t need any advanced technical skills to use the app.

Step 1: Register for a free Minspy account. Make your email ID the username.


Step 2: Choose the monthly plan that suits you the most. You can monitor a single iPhone or iPad with a Premium plan. If you want to monitor multiple iPhones or iPads, then choose the Family plan instead.

Step 3: You’ll receive setup instructions on your email ID. Start by choosing the target platform as iOS.

Enter your child’s iCloud username and password on the screen. Then wait for a few minutes until Minspy can sync with your child’s device.


Step 4: That’s it! You can now monitor your child’s iPhone or iPad! Log in to the Minspy dashboard using any mobile or web browser to get started.

If you want to monitor your child’s text messages, look for the “Messages” (or “iMessages”) option in the selection menu on the left.


Check out the Minspy free iOS live demo to try out the app yourself before you buy a subscription!

Part 3: How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages on Android

Does your child use an Android smartphone or tablet? You will need to install Minspy on their phone or tablet. You need access to their device for just a few minutes.

The installation process only takes a few minutes. It’s simple and doesn’t require any technical knowledge on your part.

Step 1: Register for a free Minspy account. Pick your email ID as the username.


Step 2: Choose the monthly subscription that suits you best. If your child uses a single Android phone or tablet, pick the Premium plan. If you want to monitor them across several Android devices, choose Family.

Step 3: You will receive setup instructions in your email ID. Start by choosing Android as the target platform.

Download and then install Minspy on the target platform. It takes only a few minutes for you to do so. Once the app has been installed, you can hide it. It takes a few minutes for the app to sync with the device.


Step 4: You’re now ready to monitor your child’s device. Log in to the dashboard and get started.

The dashboard will provide an overview of what your child is doing. The text messages can be seen from the selection panel to the left.

Try out the Minspy free live Android demo before you buy a subscription!

Part 4: Minspy Gives You a Close Look at Your Child’s Messages

Minspy will give you a close look at your child’s messages:

  • Read messages: Has your child been texting with strangers? Or is a bully targeting them? You can read their incoming and outgoing messages to find out.
  • Check contacts: Minspy can access the address book on the phone, showing you your child’s contacts. Is your child in touch with the right kind of people?
  • View deleted messages: Minspy can keep track of deleted messages too. If your child deletes a message, Minspy will still be able to retrieve it for you.
  • Access timestamps: There are time and date logs with every message. You can see exactly when your child received or sent out a message.
  • See media files: Is your child sending or receiving inappropriate pictures or videos? Minspy will be able to tell you.

We also suggest using Minspy because the app makes for an excellent product:

  • Minspy is easy to set up: You can install Minspy without having to root or jailbreak your child’s smartphone or tablet. This means you don’t have to risk infecting it with malware or causing data loss.
  • It’s trustworthy and secure: Minspy is used by over a million people worldwide. It has a solid reputation and has been extensively tested by its users. You’re getting a secure, trustworthy product.
  • You get powerful added features: Minspy can do more than monitor your child’s messages. The app can track your child’s pictures, videos, social media use, emails, notes, installed apps, location, and much more.
  • You can use it remotely: You’ll be able to use Minspy remotely from any web browser. That means you can monitor your child’s activities even when they’re away from you physically.
  • It’s affordable: Using Minspy doesn’t cost a lot of money. You pay a small monthly fee to spy on a single device per month. It costs only as much as eating a snack.


With Minspy, you’ll be able to keep a close watch on your child. It’s convenient to use and has an intuitive, user-friendly interface. The app makes it easy for you to keep your child out of trouble 24/7!

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