9 surefire ways to improve the customer experience for online shoppers

Do you know how to perfect your e-commerce store to some extent? None other than improving customer experience is the best strategy! Wondering what customer experience is? When you visit your local retail outlet, you are greeted by an amiable salesperson ready to help you choose the best product, considering your budget and other vital things. Ultimately, you buy that item, leaving the store with a content offline customer experience. 

The same goes for the online customer experience! This online customer experience suggests that a brand community exists with its customers at every stage of the purchasing process. The intense consumer and organization interaction has become paramount due to the fastest digital revolution. Online shopping has become effortless in 2023, and it is growing fast. 

On an online retail website, you can shop for the best prices and deliver your packages to your doorstep without hassle. Data from the fourth edition of the State of the Associated Customer report demonstrated that digital engagement increased by 18% over the past year, and 80% said that their experience dealing with an organization is as crucial as the products they get. 

Do you realize that finding a top-notch online deal entails more than finding the cheapest price? You need to ensure the product’s quality and timely arrival, considering all these things are part of the customer experience! 

So, what exactly e-commerce businesses do to guarantee that clients enjoy a great online shopping experience? If you run an online store, you must implement these nine tactics to improve client satisfaction and increase conversion rates. So, let us get started with the top 9 strategies!

You must target to keep your website loading time 2-3 seconds or less; otherwise, your customer will jump off your competitor’s site. So, be fearful of that back button! The same goes for mobile users, where studies have exposed that approximately ⅔ of smartphone owners in the USA employ their phone to purchase something online. 

Consequently, organizations must enable every aspect of the customer relationship, from surfing to buying to engaging with the brand, to have optimal mobile functionality. 21st-century online shoppers want every piece of information at a smartphone’s swipe or a mouse’s click. Similarly, retailers have milliseconds to catch their attention and finish the transaction. 

The biggest online retailer, Amazon, has demonstrated that every 100 milliseconds of delay costs them 1% in sales, and according to Walmart, they have seen increased conversion rates of 2% for every second to minimize load time.  

  • Use SSL and HTTPS

HTTPS has become the primary industry norm for online safety. Hence, those e-commerce websites that keep using the conventional HTTP protocol might suffer negative repercussions and hazards to their online security. Moreover, previously, businesses employed HTTPS only for their payment gateways, which dealt with secret information. 

Because of the surging password safety issues, e-commerce storeowners are transforming their sites with SSL certificates. It secures the payment areas and protects the other pages of the website. If your e-commerce website does not have one, you should buy a low cost SSL certificate from authorized resellers or reputed certificate authorities. 

A study shows over 90% of online small enterprises are reportedly vulnerable to data breaches. Hence, you must account for the site security as it helps protect your customer’s data!

  • Cheer your customers up

Boosting the customer retention rate by 5% surges profits by approx. 25%, according to HBR. The ecommerce platform that perceives the significance of retaining customers work diligently to offer a top-notch customer experience to their existing shoppers. Some of the most delightful strategies for e-commerce stores are the following:

  • Send swag items or complimentary gifts, for example, mugs, t-shirts, pouches, or keychains, to your dedicated customers.
  • Give loyalty points after your customers buy redeemable products. 
  • Give your clients hand-made thank-you gift cards.
  • Send follow-up emails to your consumers to stay in contact

Did you know that a straightforward follow-up email transforms your one-time shopper into your loyal and existing customer? Probabilities are that if a buyer has applauded both the product and experience, they will return to shop for more items from your site. You may send review requests, analogous product suggestions, or an imaginative email marketing campaign targeting their choices.

  • Deliver tailored customer experience

Everyone is living in the era of customization. But tailored emails are no longer serving the purpose! You must customize the shopping experience across the buyer’s journey regarding different variables. Utilize algorithms for recommendation to offer tailored product suggestions based on the user’s current location, past purchases, and surfing activity. 

Besides that, e-commerce stores may use exit intent pop-ups, abandoned cart texts, and discounts to ensure that your customer experience game is adequate. As a crucial part of customization, your e-commerce website must sync with the local market. 

  • Provide live chat

One of the best strategies for boosting online customer experience is to let your customers have a real-time chat with you. As an e-commerce business owner, you must install live chat software for your consumers. This live chat may give businesses instant feedback on their goods, prices, and website performance.

  • Demonstrate the trendy products to your customers

Best sellers should be prominently displayed on your website for various reasons, not the least of which is to influence some customers through the persuasive nature of recommendation. Products nearly always gain popularity for a particular reason, whether related to utility, excellence, or patterns. 

Your masterpieces have a good reason for being so popular. Even while novelties are alluring, buyers tend to gravitate to what other people have bought and recommended. 

  • Allow your customers to try on products virtually

You may be surprised to learn that 53% of customers report they have ceased making purchases from an online merchant because of an unpleasant experience or because another vendor provided more satisfactory service! Virtual try-on has become an absolute norm nowadays to boost the customer experience for online shoppers. This strategy helps customers see if the products look good on them or not.  

Utilizing augmented reality technology, you may bring customers’ desires to life. Customers will buy with greater assurance and contentment if they can see precisely how their newly purchased furniture will fit in their home.

  • Upsell and cross-sell

Providing your clients with products that are suitable to their needs is an effective way to improve the online experience. Be careful not to overwhelm customers with unrelated items; instead, promote the things that will enhance their shopping basket. Make worthwhile incentives with a distinct CTA. 

The regularity of your messaging needs to be taken into account because persistent upsells may drive away customers. You may bind individuals to your e-commerce site and turn them into regular clients by providing worthwhile discounts and complementary goods.


The intense rivalry has degraded every company’s product features and pricing. A top-notch offering is currently not enough to satisfy customers. A particular Omni channel product that distinguishes you from the other competitors is necessary to stay ahead of the competition. A proven method to assist you is offering a superior customer experience through your online shop and other channels.