How to View Private Instagram

We all love Instagram by all hearts. Its filters, its video tools, or its tagging feature, everything is something to die for. Considering the security concerns, it comes with a feature to keep your account private. Only your followers will be able to view private Instagram posts.

Now, this security feature can be a bane. If:

    • Your child is misusing Instagram
    • Your spouse is cheating on you using Instagram
    • Your employees are using Instagram during work hours

In that case, you have to learn how to view a private Instagram account by hook or by crook. In this article, we will talk about the three most powerful and trustworthy private Instagram viewers that will help you thoroughly.

Part 1: How to View a Private Instagram Account

‘This Account is Private.’

If this is the message that has been bothering you lately then don’t get bothered anymore. We have a remedy for your anxiety and that is Minspy.

This one prescription is capable of bringing down all your concerns and offers you a stealth way to sneak a look of a private Instagram account. Excited to know how it happens? Fasten your seat belt as we’ll take you on a wonderful ride and explore everything related to it.

Minspy – The Undisputed Ruler


Known globally for its above reproach performance, Minspy is the best choice to make if you want to see private Instagram without spoiling anything. Millions of people across 190 countries are stunned about how it grants admin-like access to the targeted private account.

Many leading media houses like Digital Trends, TheVerge, and TechRadar are singing in its praise. Well, for a good reason.  You will also join them once you will try it on your own.

Do Away With Every Hassle You Face In Private Instagram Spying With Minspy

If millions of people and world media have stood-up in Minspy’s support, there must be some reasons. Right? Of, course. So, let’s dig a little deeper and find out those reasons.

Major Specialties of Minspy

With Minspy, you always work as an under-cover agent.

Its iOS solution comes with a 100% web-based interface. This ensures that no one will know what you are up to and you are not involved in unnecessary hassle of app download and installation. Minspy for iOS works without asking you the download on the target device.

Similarly, Minspy for Android has the ability to run in stealth mode. As soon as you use this mode, the app goes undercover, the app icon vanishes from the app list, and no one will find out about its presence.

Installing this Android app needs less than 5 minutes of access to the target device. The process is fast and easy. What makes it even better is 3MB app size that ensures Minspy won’t drain any battery or affect the phone’s performance, preventing you from getting caught in the act at all.

Whenever you want to stop spying, this solution allows you to utilize one-click remote uninstallation facility.

**Beware of the frauds that are trying to steal your crucial information by luring you with a download free spying on the Android platform. Nothing on Earth can make it possible. At least, not for now.**

A Safe and foolproof Solution

Just make a Google search on ‘how to see private Instagram accounts’ and you will see 84, 10, 00,000 results in 0.58 seconds. However, soon you’ll realize that half of them are suggesting you jailbreak/rooting. The other half will try stealing your information through different tricks.

At last, you will become fed-up and will make up your mind that there is no safest technology to view a private Instagram account. Offering you jailbreak/rooting free Instagram account spying. Minspy restores your faith in technology.

It’s under the hood software is so advanced that it maintains the safest distance from both these risky options and lets you have a sneak peek of a private Instagram easily.

By not saving any of your data on its server, Minspy makes sure that your data is safe with this Instagram tracking solution.

In short, you always remain on the safer side with Minspy. Can anything be extra stress-free from this? We doubt big time.

Using Minspy is an easy-peasy job

The moment you hear the word – spying, you start assuming that it must be tough and call for top-notch skills. Well, your assumption can be a fact if you try anything apart Minspy. Minspy comes with the most user-friendly interface that one can ever know.

Using it is a cakewalk. As long as you know how to operate the app and internet, you are good to go with it. No other high-end and expert hacking skills are required.

You can do a lot of stuff

We have talked much about the specialties of Minspy. Now, it’s time to talk about what all it can do for you when you deploy it as a private Instagram viewer. Here is a look.

  • Find out the private posts – By using it, you can find out what was posted on a private Instagram. Whether it’s a video or picture, you can know everything.
  • Learn about private texts Minspy will help you find out what private message or chat was done from the private account.
  • See the stories posted and follower list – Find out the story posted by the targeted account without letting anyone know about it. Your view will not be visible to anyone. You can also find out who’s following the targeted account.

The Steps to see private Instagram with Minspy – Journey from Impossible to Possible!

By now, you must be all convinced that only Minspy is what can help you doing risk-free and hassle-free private Instagram viewing.  The next thing to do here is to get started with Minspy. Here is our take:

Step 1: Keep your active email ID handy and sign-up for free by creating a Minspy account.


Step 2: Choose the right OS & monthly subscription of Minspy as per your need.


Step 3: In this step, you need to act according to the device type you have chosen in the previous step.

Minspy for iOS needs only the targeted person’s valid iCloud credentials to get started. Enter the details and wait for some time. Soon, Minspy will sync the data for you and you can view a private Instagram account.


To bring Minspy’s Android solution into action, prepare the targeted Android using the installation guide, and then download Minspy’s on it. Use stealth mode to hide the icon from the list.


Step 4: That’s it. You have done a great job. Now, just use any device/browser and access Minspy’s dashboard.


To hack a private Instagram account, look for the ‘Social Apps > Instagram’ option on the left side of the dashboard and start spying on a private Instagram account.

This Instagram spying widget does real-time tracking for you. The data rendered will come with time stamps. So, you can learn what was done when.


Minspy comes with a powerful in-built keylogger. By using this keylogger, you can track the keystrokes made on the targeted device. So, when the target types the Instagram credentials, you can find and use them later.


Curious to know more about it? This free live demo will help you.

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Part 2: How to View Private Instagram Profiles


The second safest and risk-free private Instagram viewer that we would suggest to you is Spyier. Due to its jailbreak/rooting free operations, Spyier has become synonymous with immaculateness.

Redefining Private Instagram Spying With Spyier

Not long before, finding the answer to ‘how to view private Instagram’ used to seem impossible. Then Spyier happened and everything got changed.

This private Instagram viewer solution has shown the world that the right kind of technology can break into the safest platforms without messing around. This is how Spyier has achieved it.

Complete ‘No’ to jailbreak/rooting

The advanced software of Spyier shuns risky affairs like jailbreak/rooting once and for all.

Rather than interfering with the OS of the target device, its software works on the pairing concept. In the case of iOS, it gets paired with the targeted account’s iCloud while the app pairs with the Android OS.

Spyier can be operated remotely

One of the key reasons behind suggesting Spyier to you is its ability to work remotely. Its installation, monitoring, and un-installation are a secret affair.

While its iOS solution works using a web-based interface, its Android app has a stealth mode facility. Both things don’t let anyone know about their presence and functioning.

Part 3: How to See Private Instagram Accounts

The 3rd safest way to view a private Instagram account is Spyine.

Built with cut-above remote monitoring technology, this private Instagram viewer works stealthy, risk-freely, and securely.

This is why it has gained global acclamations in a short time and has millions of users in 190 countries. Isn’t it great? Yes, of course, it is. But it’s well-deserved.

Enjoy Risk-Free Private Instagram Account Viewing

Spyine ditches jailbreak or rooting process by all means. Though these activities help you have a detailed insight into a private Instagram account, they are risky enough to jeopardize your safety.

Spyine has a novel technology working from behind where anything related to jailbreak or rooting is involved. It works on pairing methodology and captures data remotely.


The Final Word about Private Instagram viewers

It’s not necessary that a solution to a tough equation should be tough as well. Sometimes, the solutions are easy and hassle-free. Minspy has proved it. Apart from it, you can consider Spyier and Spyine as well to resolve your concerns about ‘how to view a private Instagram account’.

We bet these three ways will never put you down.

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