Is She Cheating on Me? 20+ Signs of Cheating Girlfriend

We all invest a lot of time and energy in our relationships and expect the same from our girlfriend. But, everyone is not the same and there can be signs of a cheating girlfriend that you might ignore.

In this article, we mention more than 20 signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you. We have also recommended how to catch your girlfriend cheating red-handed by usingMinspy. If you are constrained for time, have a look at Minspy Live demo page to find out its capabilities.

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We wrap up by mentioning what to do if you find your girlfriend is cheating on you.

What Are the Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend?

No matter how much she tries, there will always be something abnormal in her behavior. These are some obvious cheating girlfriend signs that you must watch out for:

1. She is Always Busy

If your girlfriend suddenly becomes too busy to meet up, you have every right to think is she cheating on me? Even if it is for some other innocent reason, you must look for other signs listed below.

2. She avoids intimacy

If your girlfriend starts giving you an excuse every time you try to make love with her, there is reason to worry. It may also be a sign that she has cheated and feels guilty about it.

She seems lost in thoughts – Even when your girlfriend is with you, she would appear to be lost somewhere else. It is like being physically present but mentally absent. This is difficult to take, as you spend a lot of time and energy to start a relationship with the girl of your dreams.

3. She becomes very particular about her appearance

After the initial period of charming each other, couples start feeling very comfortable in each other’s company. Whether they are married or not, they do not dress to impress.

Your girlfriend likely dresses very casually when she comes to meet you. If you notice that she has suddenly started dressing up very well for her daily routine and there is no obvious reason for it, the alarm bells must start ringing.

4. She hangs out with friends without inviting you

This is a classic sign of a cheating girlfriend. Even if you know most of her friends, she would start attending their parties without you. Even though there can be other reasons for it, do not ignore if this happens regularly.

You must be wondering how to tell if she has cheated. Just ask her a few details casually – if her response is vague like she does not know what the plan is and where the party is, there is something fishy for sure.

5. She talks about future plans without you

Once you are in a committed relationship, you plan your future together. If you notice that your girlfriend no longer uses the word “we” when she talks about the future, there is reason to be concerned.

6. She always talks about too much work

A cheating girlfriend would usually justify her being away from you and office is the perfect excuse. In the few moments that she spends with you, she would talk about how overloaded she is at work and it is likely to continue for many months.

7. She stalls on marriage

If she is not ready to marry you even after being in a long relationship, there might be something fishy. You might still wonder how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating for sure? This is definitely a strong sign that she is considering someone else.

8. She starts lying

How to know if your girlfriend is cheating for sure? If you catch her lying for the simplest of things, no matter how harmless it seems, you must start your investigation. There is no good reason for her to lie to you otherwise.

9. She gets irritated easily

If she is not spending time with you and does not invite you along for partying with friends, it is natural for you to ask questions. This would irritate her, as it puts her in an uncomfortable position where she has to lie to avoid confrontation.

10. She never reveals her location

It is human nature to avoid lying so that there is no risk of getting caught. If you call her and she gives vague responses about her whereabouts, it is a major sign that she is messing around with you.

11. She doesn’t want to talk about someone

As she is guilty from within, there might be times when you accidentally mention the person she is fooling around with. She would not want to talk about him at all and try to change the subject.

12. Her friend needs her

She would repeatedly tell you that a friend of hers who you do not know is going through a tough time and needs her. Though this in itself is no basis to be suspicious, it should not happen frequently.

13. She has many new friends

It is a part of our personality to meet new people and seek a fresh company. However, your girlfriend has suddenly made a lot of new friends you do not know about and hangs out with them all the time, there is definitely a reason to worry.

14. Her privacy takes center stage

We all value our privacy but we are also very comfortable sharing our private stuff with our partners. If you observe that of late, your girlfriend is having too many personal things she cannot tell you about, it is time for you to be on high alert.

15. She picks up fights very easily

Again, this is a classic way to distract you so that you never pay close attention to her activities. She would suddenly start complaining about the way things are, the way you dress, taunt you about your career and so on.

16. There are many indirect conversations

She does not want to face you or talk directly over the phone. She would restrict communication to text messages only, making it look like an exercise rather than a candid chat.

17. She joins work-out sessions without you

Couples often set getting fit together as one of their relationship goals. If your girl suddenly starts an aerobics,  Zumba or any other workout program without telling you, it is not good news for your future.

18. She does not make eye contact

She wants to avoid direct communication for the fear of being caught. If you are still wondering how to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you, see if she can look you in the eye. A cheater is full of guilt from within and would avoid it.

19. There is no passion in her intimacy

She might still be kissing you and cuddling with you, but it will seem like a routine. There won’t be any passion in her touch.It might be a worse sign of your girlfriend just slept with someone else.

20. She encourages you to spend time with others

If she repeatedly tells you that you should visit your family often or meet your old friends, it is a sign that she does not want to be with you anymore.

21. She becomes possessive about her phone

We all love our phones but partners are usually cool about leaving the phone lying around. If you notice that she has started spending a lot of time on her phone/tablet/computer and keeps it private, there is a chance that she might be cheating.

How to Find a Cheating Girlfriend?

All the signs we mentioned are just hints. You cannot say for sure that if your girlfriend is showing any of these signs, she is definitely cheating. Well, how to tell if she has cheated, then?

Minspy Solution to Find If Your Girlfriend is Cheating When cheaters are using technology to cheat, its time you beat them at their own game by adopting a technical solution to expose them. Use Minspy and gather irrefutable evidence about a cheating girlfriend.

How to Use Minspy to Find if Your Girlfriend is Cheating

Minspy is a global brand, having millions of fans and customers in over 190 countries. It has been covered by top media outlets such as TechCrunch, Mashable, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and many more.

Minspy is the best solution available to see your girlfriend’s online activities.

Its iOS solution works without jailbreak. You do not need to install any software anywhere and your data is always safe, as it is never stored on Minspy’s servers.

It also has an Android solution that works without rooting. You just need to install a small app (<3 MB in size) that would work quietly in the background. It will not be visible in the drawer and would completely disappear once installed.

This way, your girlfriend will never be able to detect it..

Note: The architecture of the Android operating system mandates installing software for tracking its applications. Beware of websites that claim to do this without installing an app. They are fakes looking to steal your money and data.

The best part is that Minspy works on the cloud, letting you access your data securely from anywhere in the world.


To summarize, it is never easy to be in a relationship with a cheating girlfriend. However, if you are in that unfortunate situation, it is better to be brave and confront her with evidence rather than be depressed about it.

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