How to Catch a Cheater: 10 Cell Phone Spy App Online Tricks

Want to know how to catch a cheater? It is very easy to spy on and catch a cheater with the help of advanced spy apps available online. Using an advanced spy app, you can easily track and catch a cheater without following him/her.

Statistics reveal that in this modern era a lot of people a relationship cheat on their partner at some point. Utilizing the power of the advanced technologies, one can now spy the activities of their cheater partner remotely.

Thanks to these apps, you can trace out exactly what your spouses are up to. Every story has two sides, as the ways to cheat on your spouse have advanced a lot, the ways to track and catch them red-handed have advanced as well.

With the help of these advanced spy apps, one can easily track the signs of cheating activities of their spouses even after they delete the respective call logs, text messages, or save his or her name under aliases.

Let us find out the most effective and advanced spy solutions that can catch your cheating partner.

Part 1: How to Catch a Cheater

If you want to catch your cheating partner, you have to spy on the target’s smartphone with the help of an advanced reliable spy app. Using the spy app, you can access SMS, call logs, location, browsing history, emails and other social media accounts of the target phone discreetly.

You can even take remote photos too. These spy apps let you monitor the activities of the target tablet or cell phone easily.

1.1 Minspy: Best Spy App to Catch a Cheater

Minspy is an advanced, leading, popular, and professional spy app solution to catch a cheater. One of the most reliable and secure spy apps that is trusted by a large number of satisfied customers across the globe.

Minspy has all the advanced features that can expose a cheater. Many reputed and big media outlets have endorsed Minspy as its customer satisfaction rate is more than 96%.


Minspy is loaded with advanced cell phone monitoring features but its interface is very simple and user-friendly. After setting up the app, one can track every activity on the target’s device through the control panel.

Minspy is an amazing combination of advanced and basic monitoring features. Apart from tracking the call logs, checking social media activities, reading text messages, and watching photos/videos, one can also check the calendar and the notes on the target device.

Above all, the Minspy app can track the GPS location of the target device. One can set up a geofence to check when the device leaves or enters a particular area. Other salient features include stealth technology, SIM Card alert, view installed apps, keylogger, and others.

This app is very safe, secure, and light. It consumes very little space and battery on the target device. The best part is that it works discreetly.

1.2 How to Catch a Cheater on iPhone

For iOS devices, Minspy provides the Minspy iOS solution that is undoubtedly very easy, safe, and simple to use.

The best feature of this app is you never require the target device physically. You can track and spy on all the activities of the target iPhone device without jailbreaking or rooting the target device. This protects the target device from malware and cybercriminals.

It is amazing to know that one can spy on the target device through iCloud credentials only when using the Minspy iOS monitoring solution. To access the target device, you will require a web browser of your choice as Minspy iOS solution is a web-based solution.


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Hence one can configure the target iPhone remotely. The successful incorporation of appropriate and advanced technologies to access the target device completely makes it stand apart from the crowd of the competitor spy apps. The Minspy iOS solution is compatible with almost all iOS versions.

One can access the Minspy iOS solution online from anywhere. First of all, you have to make and register your account to access the setup wizard for the configuration of the target device.

For this, you will just require iCloud credentials of the target device account. Minspy will access the data of the target device by using iCloud credentials.

After synchronization, you can access the data on your selected Minspy dashboard. Please note that data synchronization will start automatically after a certain period of time to provide you the updated data while spying.

To setup Minspy for the target iOS device, just follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to the Minspy registration page. Sign up and register a Minspy account by purchasing an appropriate package as per your requirements.


Step 2: It’s time for target device configuration. Find out the iCloud credentials of the account set on the target device and further enter them in the iCloud credentials. Data will synchronize immediately via the internet.


Step 3: Start spying on the cheater. Now you can access and monitor the activities of the target device on your selected web browser discreetly.

Log on to the Control Panel and proceed to the Dashboard. Now, you will be able to see social media activities in the ‘Social Media Apps’ section. Similarly, you can see iMessages and other data with ease.


We highly recommend that you try out the Minspy live demo since it’s a great way to explore the app before choosing it. There’s no need to configure anything while using the demo.

1.3 How to Catch Cheaters on Android

If the target users are using an Android device then you can spy on their devices by using the Minspy Android tracking solution. For spying on Android devices, most of the apps require you to root the devices to track some critical spy features.

Minspy is completely different! It is loaded with the latest technology features due to which one can access and track the activities of the target device without rooting it. Isn’t that amazing?


Using Minspy, one can monitor all the activities of the target device without rooting it. Minspy is compatible with almost all Android devices that are version 4.0 and above.

This solution is very simple and user-friendly and does not require rooting the target device, making it ideal for beginners. But one time physical access of the target device is a must to install the Minspy app.  After completion of installation and set up on the target device, you will never need it again.

Now you can monitor every activity of the target device remotely and discreetly on your Minspy control panel through your selected web browser. One thing more, you can uninstall the app from the target device remotely through your control panel at any time.

Inbuilt stealth technology features hide the icon of the Minspy app and it keeps running in the background on the target device, thus providing safety and security.

This wonderful light app consumes a very little space and minimal battery on the target device and works discreetly.

Here’s how to set up Minspy on a target Android device. You just need a few minutes to set up the Minspy Android tracking solution. Just follow the below steps:

Step-1: First of all, get a Minspy account on the website.


Step-2: Just one time, get access to the target android device to download/install the Minspy app on it. Do not forget to allow all permissions asked by the app during the installation.


Step-3: Now select a web browser of your choice and log on to your Minspy Control Panel to access the activities on the target device remotely.


The most amazing thing is nobody can detect you on the target device anyhow! It is very important during spying that the cheater does not catch you red-handed at any time. Hence, you require a cent percent safe and secure undetectable spy app for this purpose.

The Minspy app runs discreetly on the target device. As Minspy requires just 2 MB of space, it does not interfere with the other applications on the target device. The target device never heats up and its battery does not drain out as Minspy consumes almost nil battery.

Hence the target device is not affected by this app. It works in stealth mode.

Part 2: How to Catch Cheating Spouse

It sounds difficult to catch cheating spouses remotely but many spy apps are available that can do it without them knowing. With the help of such apps, you can access and monitor the activities of your spouse remotely and can hack the data of their device too.

Spyine is a very popular phone monitoring solution. Millions of satisfied users are using it worldwide. The main features of this app are:


  • Well-known brand name
  • Jailbreaking and rooting not required
  • Simple and easy to use app
  • Easy to install
  • Loaded with advanced features like keylogger, stealth technology, etc.
  • Uses web-based interface
  • Works discreetly and remotely
  • Dedicated 24*7 customer support

Part 3: How to Catch a Cheater Online

Spyier is an online phone spy app popular for tracking phone messages on the target phones. Nowadays, most phone users communicate through text messages and those SMS reveal a lot of important information about that person.


You can get OTPs through the messages that can be helpful in cracking passwords and the user IDs of the social media accounts and emails of the target person.

With the increasing use of social platforms and instant messengers like WeChat and WhatsApp, the use of SMS is almost outdated. However, Spyier also lets you monitor social media apps with ease.

Part 4: How to Catch a Cheater for Free

Are you searching for an effective reverse phone lookup on the internet to catch a cheater for free?

Your search ends on Zosearch: the most efficient reverse phone lookup. It is not only a reliable and trustworthy site but also very sensitive to users’ privacy. Your identity remains confidential with Zosearch. More than a million satisfied users are using Zosearch globally.


Zosearch not only discloses the identity of a target person through reverse phone lookup but also gives the details of their criminal history and social media accounts. Being a free tool, it has limited features.

However, it is a good choice to catch a cheater if price is your sole consideration.

Part 5: How to Catch a Cheater Online for Free


Cocospy is an advanced and popular spy solution for monitoring the activities of a target device.  Cocospy is loaded with more than 30 unique features that will track everything you wish to spy about the cheater.

A few of them are tracking the location, spying on calls, checking messages, monitoring social media apps, and accessing media files.

Undoubtedly, Cocospy is one of the best spy solutions as far as performance and features are concerned. Both versions, iOS and Android are available for the Cocospy solution. The Android version should be 4.0 or higher and for iOS, it supports all versions.

But why Cocospy? It is safe, secure, and reliable and is endorsed by big media outlets globally. Millions of users are highly satisfied with its performance in more than 190 countries.

Its user interface is simple and user friendly. It is very easy to install and set up the app. Jailbreaking and rooting are not needed. It is loaded with many unique features. The inbuilt keylogger and stealth technology make it different from the other spy apps.

Cocospy consumes very less space and battery on the target device and works discreetly. It can be uninstalled remotely just with one click. Above all, the customer support is very professional.

Part 6: 5 Online Tips to Catch a Cheater

Every cheater always gives up signs unknowingly with their activities. By keenly observing those signs and activities, you can easily decide if you should suspect someone for cheating. It is very important to know the tips to understand those signs.

Here we are discussing 5 tips to understand a cheater’s characteristics. If you find such behavior change in your partner just stay alert!

  1. Avoiding or ignoring you:

Sometimes if you find your partner is ignoring/ avoiding you without any reason stay alert! Probably they might show you that they are not interested in the relationship.

Most cheating persons make themselves busy on the phone.  It is advised to check their call logs and other phone activities by using a reliable spy app. The browser history will disclose many secrets in front of you and you will find the clues.

  1. Sudden changes in work schedules:

It is observed that most of the cheaters cover up their cheating activities through their work. Try to notice if your partner suddenly starts going to the office or workplace at odd hours, it can be doubtful.

Keenly observe whether they start fishy excuses like “caught up in a meeting or work” when coming home late. Maybe they are telling the truth but to make you sure you can just track their location with the help of a reliable spy app.

You will get the results you need! Using this app, you can track not only the location but also the other activities of your cheating partner.

  1. Social Media presence:

Keep an eye on all the social media platforms of your partner. See all the posts and media files closely and evaluate them. Now cheating through social media networks like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram is very common.

The hardcore cheaters login on their social media accounts through the private mode and after chatting and flirting delete the files to destroy the evidence of their cheating activities. In such cases, no one can see their activities publicly.

Hence it is advised to keep a check on all the social media accounts of your partner. Using a safe and secure spy app, you can do that and monitor all the activities of your partner on social media platforms whether conducted in private mode.

You can even recover the deleted media files.

  1. Odd hours phone calls:

The smartphone is the best device through which you can spy on a lot of information on your cheating partner. It is seen that most of the cheaters call at odd hours in privacy.

On asking about the call the common reply from them is “it was an official call”,  “it was a spam call” or “it was a wrong number”.

Use the call monitor feature of an advanced spy app to check the caller identity. Many call monitors come with call recorders that can help you to know what conversations were going on the phone for so long.

  1. Credit Card Payments:

Payments through the credit card are very common among other modes of payment. Credit card statements can expose anyone. You can easily check where and on whom your partner is spending money.

Your partner is a cheater if you find some unknown expenditure on hotel rooms, food, and shopping etc., without your knowledge in the credit card statement.

If your partner is using a separate credit card without your knowledge then try to procure its statement or track the messages on the mobile that is linked with that credit card by using a spy app.


Are you wondering how to catch a cheater? You can easily do that using the right spy app such as Minspy. The app lets you see the call history, browser history, social media apps, and other data with ease.

The best thing about the app is that it runs on stealth technology. This means that it is virtually impossible for the target user to detect the presence of the surveillance technology. No rooting or jailbreaking is needed whatsoever.

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