20+ Signs Your Husband is Cheating

Cheating husbands aren’t unheard of. From celebrities to everyday people, men have always been more casual with monogamy than women. And this fact has been published in a research by Deborah Carr, sociology professor at Boston University.

What that goes to show is that despite women placing immense trust in the bonds of matrimony, their chances of getting cheated on by their husbands remain pretty high. And if the marriage has lasted for several years, the hurt that comes with the deceit can be devastating.

That’s why looking out for the tell-tale signs of infidelity become imperative for you if your husband has been acting aloof lately. Is it just something at work that’s bothering him, or is he getting up-close and personal with someone else?

Through this post, we aim at helping you spot the signs your husband is cheating. We’re also introducing a discreet app through which you can catch your husband in the act. It goes by the name Minspy and it lets you achieve remote phone monitoring through a web-based dashboard.
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Part 1: 20 Sure-shot Signs Your Husband Is Cheating

Have you ever asked yourself, “is my husband cheating on me?” If the answer to that is yes, most likely, you’ve noticed one of the following changes in his behavior:

  1. His dressing style has changed dramatically

Once you’ve spent a number of years with your spouse, you become quite comfortable in their presence. You move beyond the need to impress with looks. But if your man has been dressing up lately, and you’re not the motivation behind this style change, he may be making himself more presentable for another woman.

  1. His schedule has changed

If your husband has always been a late-riser, pushing until the last minute to go off to work, but recently has been rising up at 5 am to exercise and leave early, he may be trying to make time for someone else.

Is he coming unexpectedly late from work too much? That could also mean he’s seeing someone right after leaving office.

  1. He is often distracted

He may be around you, but his mind and heart may be somewhere else. If your hubby appears more absent-minded than usual, not paying attention to what you’re saying or doing, he could be constantly thinking of someone else.

Does he often get lost when you’re discussing something important?

  1. He’s too busy too much

After returning exceptionally late from work, if he’s always tip-tapping on his laptop, failing to make time for you despite your efforts, he may be avoiding you. Has he started taking too many important business trips? Is he working even on weekends?

Try discussing what he’s working on. If he gives vague answers, not wanting to discuss “project details,” that’s a hint as to what his secret project is.

  1. He is extra cautious about his phone

Take note of his unwillingness to part with his phone. Has he been overly protective of that thing? If he always keeps it face down on the table, immediately picks it up on buzzing, and his expressions change on glancing at it, try asking who’s buzzing him.

If he answers that it’s just his mom but it keeps happening more than usual, it’s definitely not his mom. Also take note of how he becomes fidgety every time you’re around his phone.

  1. He is online more often

‘If he’s never been too much into Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, but of late has been hooked on to these platforms, there might be someone in particular he’s following or chatting with.’, taken from Pan from PCB Pit.

  1. He picks fights without reason

Does he often seem irritable? Is he annoyed with you easily? Are the little things that didn’t matter before suddenly getting on his nerves? Well, he might be looking for ways to get into a tiff and get away from you.

  1. He asks for some “private space” more often

It is fair to give your partner their own space in a relationship. But if your husband has been demanding “me-time” so much that he doesn’t want to spend his spare time with you, it is a typical sign of cheating. If he often gives the argument that his privacy is important, take note, and mentally prepare yourself for the worst.

  1. He smells different

If you’ve been married long enough, you’d definitely know your man’s scent. If recently, on coming home from work your husband looks freshly showered and smelling great and you can’t recognize the scent he’s giving off, it could be a huge sign of trouble.

Either he took time off from work to go try out new cologne, or he’s just been a bit too close with a woman who smells like that.

  1. He changes his passwords more often

You used to share everything, even passwords to financial and social accounts; but of late, you can’t access any of his data because he’s changed his passwords without telling you. My friend, that’s because he’s shutting you out of his life.

He’s making “his” stuff more secretive because he has something to hide. Maybe unexplained expenditures or secretive chats!

  1. He criticizes you repeatedly

It’s sometimes normal for a husband to nag you about your habits, but more often than not, a loving husband would do it in a non-hurting way. However, if over the past couple of weeks you’ve been on his target way too much, and he’s not being subtle or polite about it, that’s an indication of his being less interested in you.

  1. He stops attending family events and outings with friends

Has he been avoiding meeting your family lately? What about friends? If you used to have frequent couple outings with common friends, but now whenever something is planned, he tries to get out of it with lame excuses, his guilt or disinterest could be making him avoid such events.

  1. You notice a spike in his expenditures

Has your usually frugal man suddenly become very liberal with finances? Is your joint account witnessing an unusual spike in expenses? If yes, and you’re not the one getting surprise gifts, where’s all that money going?

  1. He avoids getting intimate with you

Sex isn’t everything in a marriage, but it’s not something to be completely ignored either. If your husband is avoiding your advances for intimacy, it could be because he’s getting his fill somewhere else.

  1. He pushes you to engage more with others and less with him

If he has become more persuasive of you going out more with your friends to “become more social,” he could either be genuinely interested in expanding your circle, or he could be planning it so that you can spend less time with him.

  1. He’s always defensive

When discussing things, if he becomes overly defensive and starts shifting the blame to you, take note of what he’s trying to do. If he turns the conversation such that there’s no room left for a meaningful conversation, there could be something else going on here.

  1. He doesn’t invite you to his work parties

If you’ve been marked on the “no-go list” for parties with his friends and colleagues, he may be trying to prevent you from running into his “secret someone.” Wouldn’t his flirting game be hampered if his wife were to show up?

  1. He receives calls and texts from numbers you don’t recognize

If you’ve been spotting too many calls on his phone from unsaved numbers and vague coded text messages from contacts you don’t recognize, it could be that he’s in touch with someone new. There could be a reason he’s not saving the numbers or storing them with unnoticeable names.

  1. You spot him with unexplained items in unexpected places

Have you discovered strange items along with his stuff? Ticket stubs, hotel keys, or condom wrappers make their way into your home, car, or his briefcase? If yes, you can be 100% positive something is going on behind your back.

  1. He hates it when you drop in on him unannounced

The last and most definitive proof of his fooling around with someone else is his annoyance at you showing up unannounced. If he used to love your surprise visits but got extremely upset the last time you dropped in without informing him, there’s surely something he didn’t want you to find out.

Part 2: Have a not-so-good gut feeling about his loyalties? Find definitive proof this way

If, unfortunately, your husband has been showing any of the above signs of infidelity and you have a strong gut feeling that something’s not right, gathering proof to confirm if you’re right is essential before confronting him.

One look at his call history, text messages, and GPS location can give you all the answers you need. But getting your hands on his phone might not be that easy.

If, however, you can manage to get a hold of his iCloud credentials (if he uses iPhone) or physically access his phone for 5-minutes (if he uses Android), you can find out everything that he does using it with a smart and discreet app called Minspy.

Working remotely through an online dashboard, Minspy is a stealthy little app that lets you in on a target phone’s data while making sure you don’t get caught spying. It’s safe, risk-free, and is currently being used by millions of people around the world to monitor their spouses and children.


The app works with a simple 3-step approach:

Step 1: Sign up for a free account. Purchase a subscription

Step 2: Set-up Minspy for Android or iOS as needed


Step 3: Activate your online dashboard and start monitoring


In addition to being pocket-friendly, Minspy is extremely user-friendly. You don’t need to be a tech-guru to use it. A Setup Wizard helps you with configuration.

There are more than 35 goals you can achieve with this app. To have an idea of all that you can do with it, check out Minspy’s free live demo.

To sum it up

We know it’s easier said than done, but if you do find out that your husband is cheating on you, confront him. Ask him why he did it. He might be able to highlight aspects of your relationship that aren’t working for him and both of you may be able to work together to rebuild things.

If, however, you find that the damage is irreparable, sum up your strength and hire a divorce lawyer. It may be time to move on in life.