How to See Who Your Girlfriend Is Texting

If you have a girlfriend that you care about very much, you obviously want her to be happy and fulfilled.

However, every relationship has its ups and downs. And while the occasional mood swing is to be expected from your loved one; if it lasts too long, you have to start wondering if something strange is happening.

For example, if you notice your girlfriend spending an extraordinary amount of time texting someone on her phone.

In that situation, you’re right to ask her who she’s constantly talking to while she’s with you. If she provides an honest answer, everything is fine. But if you suspect something is still awry; you may need to go a step further in order to preserve your relationship with her.

Imagine if she’s cheating on you with someone – that’s something you’d definitely like to know about!

But how to catch your girlfriend cheating? Is there a way to see who your girlfriend is texting? Don’t worry, there’s a solution for that; in the form of phone monitoring apps. And we’re here to give you the very best!

How to See Who Your Girlfriend Is Texting

If you want to learn about your girlfriend’s online habits, you’ll be happy to learn that there are quite a few options for doing so; some of which are entirely free!

However, we don’t recommend going with the cheapest possible option. When it comes to phone surveillance, you want it done professionally, and done right; which is bound to cost at least something.

But there’s no reason to be upset – there’s a service that straddles that line between practicality and affordability, and it’s called Minspy!

Minspy is an app that uses the target phone’s basic GPS function to tell you the device’s location. It is easy to use, requires little space and power, and not a lot of info on your behalf.


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Minspy is an incredibly expansive phone tracking brand; one that offers you a ton of useful features, among which is the option to read your girlfriend’s text messages as well.

But within this phone tracking suite, you’ll find a variety of other handy features too. And best of all, there’s no chance of your girlfriend every finding out what you’re up to!

1.1 Minspy Solution

The first thing you should learn about Minspy is that it can basically cover all of your phone tracking needs. And you’ll be able to use its technology to read your girlfriend’s texts quite easily, with no hassle at all.

Plus, the app offers plenty of other features, like looking at someone’s browser history, seeing her current and past GPS locations, and much more!

You’ll probably be happy to learn that this app doesn’t require rooting on Android devices, and no jailbreaking for iOS ones either. In fact, we’d say that this is one of the most defining features of Minspy, setting it aside from the rest of its peers.

It manages to offer complete surveillance of a target phone, without compromising it or making it more susceptible to malicious attacks.

Plus, and this is of equal importance; no-one will know that you’re spying on your girlfriend, including her!

If you’re using Minspy to track an Android-based device, you need to install a tiny Minspy app; but it’s less than 3MB and quite easy to hide. And if you want to read text messages on an iPhone, it’s even harder to detect as the service is entirely web-based!

1.2 How to See Who and What Your Girlfriend Is Texting

Using Minspy to read texts on an Android phone is quite easy, and it doesn’t take more than a few simple steps!

Step 1: Create your Minspy account, using an existing email and a password that you’ll pick.

Step 2: Take a look at the different Minspy subscriptions, and pick one. They differ based on the number of devices you can survey simultaneously; so if you only want to read your girlfriend’s texts, you probably won’t need anything more than the basic package.

Step 3: If you’re going to read texts on an Android phone, pick it as the platform of choice. Then, install a small 3MB app on your girlfriend’s phone when you’ve got access to it. And don’t worry, the whole process doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes.


Step 4: You’re all set now! Once you log into your Minspy dashboard, you’ll have full access to a host of useful phone tracking features; including, but not limited to the option of reading your girlfriend’s texts, and finding out if she’s up to something nefarious!


Using Minspy with iOS Devices

You may have noticed that the instructions we’ve shared with you above pertain only to Android devices. Before you go looking for another phone tracking solution, don’t worry; Minspy works with iOS phones as well.

In fact, the setup process for Minspy on an iPhone is even simpler! You’ve got app to deal with this time; which is a huge benefit if you don’t have ready access to someone’s phone. Indeed, the iOS Minspy solution is completely web-based.

It requires NO software installation whatsoever; once you set it up, you don’t even have to touch your girlfriend’s phone!

But how does this work in reality? Well, Minspy doesn’t provide results by drawing on data from the target phone itself. Instead, Minspy connects itself to the data backups in the iCloud! So, whenever the phone backs up information, you’ll have it in a matter of minutes.


This makes complete discretion guaranteed, as there is no app that your girlfriend could potentially see and uninstall on her phone. And all the while you’ve got a Minspy subscription and the ability to peruse all of her texts and learn if she’s completely honest with you or not!

To make things even better, there is a free live demo on the official site for you to check the service out without giving any info whatsoever.


All things considered, there are no solutions for reading your girlfriend’s texts that are better and Minspy. You can use it to see every single activity your girl does on her phone, and she’ll never learn a thing about it!
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And all it costs you is an agreeable subscription, for which you get round-the-clock surveillance in return.