Top 5 iPhone Call Logger Apps

Unlike any other OS, iOS doesn’t share its code openly. This is what makes us believe that no one can ever barge into it. What if we say that you can learn about the call history of the iPhone? You must be thinking that we have gone nuts. But gladly we are not.

We know one secret that makes it happen easily and effortlessly. That secret is the iPhone call history app.

Built using powerful AI and other high-end technologies, an iPhone call history app will help you in this. With such apps, you can keep tabs on every call-related activity on the targeted device. The best part is there is no foul play involved in the solutions we will give you.

Top 5 iPhone Call Logger Apps

If you’re wondering which iPhone call history apps are useful, we’re here to help you. We have listed the top 5 paid and free iPhone call logger apps that give you admin-like access to someone else’s iPhone. So, let’s get started.

#1 – Minspy – The one which precedes others for a reason

Designed to work flawlessly and without messing with the OS of iPhone, Minspy is the best iPhone call history app that we have ever come across. In fact, it’s not only us who crowns it as the best option.


Over millions of users across 190 countries and leading media houses like the New York Times also have the same opinion about Minspy. We’re not aggregating it. Minspy has earned it with its jailbreak and 100% discreet operations, remote handling, and impressive feature suites.

And, if you still do not trust us, go check out the live demo of Minspy on your own. Viewing all its capabilities in one place will definitely make you trust us.

Grounds on which Minspy flaunts the tag of best iPhone call logger

No one becomes best without any reason. There have to be some reasons that lure others and the same is true with Minspy. In fact, we must say that the reasons list is long and never-ending.


Well, here we will talk about the most paramount ones that are making the world crazy for this call logger iPhone.

●        Minspy’s promise to keep you safe

Wouldn’t it be foolish to fall for some troubles like crashing the targeted iPhone, getting caught red-handed or being a victim of cyber frauds while using an iPhone call logger? Yes, it is indeed and we’re sure that it’s something which should keep at bay.

When Minspy’s iOS solution promises that its usages are 100% risk-free, it actually means it. It perpetuates this promise by offering you endless ways to do spy on iphone without jailbreak.

Before the launch of Minspy, the only viable option to trace the call history on iPhone was a jailbreak. Though it’s a risky affair, people were forced to adopt it only.

Then Minspy happened and people need not to put things like the safety of targeted devices and protection from cyber frauds at stake just to know the call activity of the targeted device.

Minspy works on the iCloud pairing principle. Here, no jailbreak is required. Along with this, it safeguards you by not exposing your crucial data in the cyber world. Minspy works without saving any of your data on its server.


●        Affordable pricing

Though it’s a paid app, you won’t mind paying for it as it comes with a very affordable price tag. In less than $ 10, you can easily get a detailed call history of a single iPhone for one month. Seeing its offerings, this price seems like you’re paying a peanut’s cost.

●        Reliable data

The call history is something that changes at a supersonic speed. This forces us to raise eyebrows on the credibility of data obtained by any ordinary iPhone call logger. Thank God! Minspy doesn’t belong to that category.

When it comes to data credibility, nothing can beat its performance. Its data is as quick as the call history of the targeted phone. The moment it changes, you’re noticed and updated. We never saw such real-time data rendering ability in any other option.

●        Minspy’s Dashboard

Once you learn about its dashboard’s ability, you’ll understand why we have kept Minspy in the first place. Its dashboard can be operated using any device/browser. This means you’re not dependable on anything to use this iPhone call history app.

Using Minspy is not rocket science.

Once the web-based app is fully configured, it starts fetching the live data on the dashboard. Everything will be right in front of your eyes in a crystal-clear state. The navigation is so easy that anyone with the least technical knowledge can also operate it.


All these qualities made us believe that we were not wrong by reserving the first place for Minspy. It has earned it totally and impressed us by all means.


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#2 – Cocospy


As we promise to suggest you with the top 5 paid and free iPhone call logger app, Cocospy is our second pick. This paid iPhone call logger app works in a 100% discreet manner and never ever makes a compromise on your security and data safety.

Once it’s fully configured, it tracks every call activity from a remote location. There is no need to access the targeted device for the job and this is what made us fall in love with it. We also find its feature suite quite interesting.

What compelled us to keep it in second place?

Not only calls, but it can also easily track other activities such as media shared, social media accounts accessed over the targeted device, live location, app installed, and so on. It’s tons of stuff for one app to handle, but Cocospy has managed to do so.

#3 – Spyier


Our list of top 5 paid and free iPhone call logger apps won’t get completed without the mention of Spyier.

With its 100% jailbreak-free operations, it has set a benchmark for itself in the field of a trustworthy iPhone call history app.

The first thing that we noticed about Spyier is its ability to work par excellently in all sorts of iOS devices running on iOS 7 and above versions. This means it’s more than an iPhone call logger. It’s an iOS call logger that you can trust blindly.

#4 – Spyine

In fourth place, we’ve kept Spyine iPhone call logger app. This place is well-earned by this iPhone call logger with its boasting features, impeccable secure operations, risk-free assistance, and real-time data tracking.

Without putting your data safety at stake, this iPhone calls log app free to lets you gain full control over the call history of the targeted iPhone. Its user-friendliness also managed to win over our hearts.

#5 – Spyic


We would like to wrap up our list of top 5 paid and free iPhone call logger apps with Spyic. It excels at almost every front and forces us to keep it on the list. Once, we had a look at its free live demo, we understand that using it is a child’s play.

Like all other options in the list, Spyic also takes care of your data safety and security with its ability to work without jailbreak, shunning the practice on saving data, and letting others know about its function.

No wonder why it enjoys a database of over a million satisfied customers. It’s more than a call logger iPhone. It’s a comprehensive iPhone remote monitoring app helping you at various fronts.

The Final call

When you’re in dearth need of a reliable iPhone call logger, you can’t make a choice just for the sake of it. If you don’t want to face un-invited hassles while tracking anyone’s call history on iPhone then you must decide upon the right choice.

Minspy is surely the right choice as it works entirely in a safe manner. Neither you have to try your hands on jailbreak nor stay haunted with the constant fear of being caught in the act. We haven’t got a perfect match for Minspy.

Its closest counterparts are Cocospy, Spyier, Spyic, and Spyine which can be trusted after Minspy.

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