Monitor LINE App Activity

LINE Spy App

Track LINE App activity in secret. Works with phones and tablets.

Use Minspy to find out what they're up to on LINE:

  • Read their private and group conversation threads.
  • Check their contacts and get details like names and DPs.
  • Access the photos and videos sent or received on the app.
  • Monitor remotely from your web browser, set up in minutes.

3 Quick Steps For Spying on LINE

Sign Up For Minspy For Free

Get a free Minspy account. Make your email ID the username.

Choose Target Platform

Set up Minspy on the target iOS or Android device. It takes only minutes.

Monitor LINE

Log on to the Minspy dashboard and remotely track the user's LINE activity.

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Monitor LINE via Your Web Browser

With Minspy, you can monitor anyone’s LINE account in secret. The app works remotely and allows you to spy on the app activity from your web browser. In addition to a direct LINE spy feature, Minspy also contains a keylogger which can potentially crack someone’s LINE account credentials.

How do you spy on LINE? Simply install LINE on the target iOS or Android device. Afterward, log in to the Minspy dashboard and look for the LINE option in selection menu on your left. Choose the option to get the LINE window to load up, which shows you the latest LINE activity.

The window records every incoming and outgoing message on LINE. Every message comes with a time and date entry, if you want to pinpoint the chat timings. The app also records contact details for you, so you can view details like names, display pictures, and phone numbers. Another feature worth mentioning is Minspy’s ability to show you deleted LINE messages!

LINE spy

What Do You Get From Monitoring LINE?

Why would you want to monitor someone’s LINE activity? Minspy’s LINE spy feature is popular with parents, employers, people in relationships, and other people. They all use it to discover the truth someone’s hiding from them. Sometimes you need to spy on someone to protect your interests.

Parents can use LINE to make sure their children are safe from harm. There are a lot of negative, abusive people online. If your child comes in contact with someone harmful, it can cause irreparable harm. With Minspy, you can better keep them safe.

Employers can monitor LINE and other apps on the phone to make sure employees are being productive. Also, if you suspect someone is selling you out to a competitor, you can track their phone and LINE activity to find out the truth. There are many other scenarios where spying on LINE might come in handy.

Minspy offers a straightforward way to spy on LINE. The app is powerful, easy to set up, and popular worldwide. Sign up for Minspy now!

No Root and No Jailbreak Solution

Minspy is designed to be a no root, no jailbreak solution. That means installing Minspy is very easy and doesn’t take a lot of your time and energy. It’s also safe to use and you won’t have to worry about canceling out the target device warranty.

Remain Unseen

Minspy is a truly stealthy app. You can monitor LINE and the phone in general without getting found out. The Android version is designed to work, hidden, in the background, without the user’s awareness. The iOS version of Minspy is a web-based app and can’t be detected at all. Try Minspy now!

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