How to Hack Into an iPhone from a Computer

Technology is amazing. It has made things easier and possible which were never imagined before. For example, a decade ago, how to hack mobile phones with a computer was a mystery. But, today, it’s not only possible but also 100% risk-free.

Do you also want to learn about how to hack into an iPhone from a computer? 

To your surprise, doing so is very easy and can be done with very basic knowledge of operating mobile and computer.

This article is what you should refer to for sure.

Part 1: How to Hack Into an iPhone from a Computer?

It must be hard to believe that you can barge into the top-notch secure operations of the iPhone from any computer if you have the right resource. But, Minspy has made it possible. Let’s find out how.

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Minspy – Way to gain dexterity

Minspy is a powerful and feature-rich remote iPhone hacking app that comes with an impeccable ability to hack an iPhone using only three things:

  • A computer
  • An activated Minspy account
  • Valid iCloud credentials of the targeted device.

If you’ve got these three things then nothing can stop you from hacking an iPhone without putting yourself in any trouble. You need to get involved in a lengthy and tedious app installation process.

Minspy has a boasting database of millions of users from 190 countries. There are many leading media houses like Life Hacker, Forbes and CNET, standing by its side due to its efficiency.


Its secure operation is its USP.

As Minspy doesn’t require any app download /installation, you can be free from the constant fear of getting caught in the act. No one can ever find out that you‘re hacking an iPhone.

Going a step-forward in keeping you safe, Minspy works without saving any data on its server.

So, you can be sure that all of your crucial information like banking details, user password & ID, and other data will not be exposed to the outer cyberspace world where viruses, Trojans, and other malicious activities are waiting for it.

 All thanks for such huge prominence of Minspy at a global level go to:  

Its jailbreak-free and discreet operations

When it comes to hacking an iPhone, jailbreak is the first thing that comes to mind. Though this trick works, it can be more of a headache than help you because it’s a risky affair.

By going jailbreak way, you can either damage targeted iPhone’s OS once and for all or expose it to the harmful activities.

Both situations are something that no one wants to encounter. Minspy’s iOS solution shuns this risky practice by all means. There is no need for the jailbreak to hack the iPhone. Using the iCloud credentials of the targeted iPhone, you can get paired with it and hack every operation.

Assorted features

Minspy offers you a whole bunch of features that lets you gain admin-sort of access on the targeted device.

Whether its call history or web-browsing history, it assists you in almost every activity such as live location, contact list, SMS, social media monitoring, the app installed/used, notes & calendar, and many more.  Check the free live demo to see how it works.

User-friendly interface

Hacking into someone’s iPhone using a mere computer is next to impossible for all those who don’t have any high-end tech acumen and are not sound in the device’s OS handling. Only a pro can do it. Don’t get disappointed because Minspy is by your side.

Its user-interface is very straightforward and can be operated by any novice. The maximum skill that it demands is some basic computer and phone handling knowledge. If you have it then nothing can stop you from spying like a James bond.

Unmatched compatibility

Minspy has surpassed all other iPhone hacking apps when it comes to compatibility. It can work 100% overall those iOS devices running on iOS 7 and upper versions. Whether it’s an iPhone or iPad, it can hack every device with equal ease and security.

Real-time data

The hacking done by Minspy is not half baked. It’s crispy, solid and 100% reliable as it fetches real-time data for you. You can track every activity as soon as it’s happening on the targeted device. There are no delays and glitches in this. Hence, you can bank upon Minspy when you need to do real-time tracking.

How to hack into an iPhone from a Computer?

If you want to learn about how to hack iPhones with a computer, the first thing that you should know is getting started with Minspy. Thank God, doing so is just a three-step job.


Step 1 – Set-up a free account

Minspy offers you a free account set-up facility that you can use by sign-up here. For this, you need your valid email ID and password.


Step 2 – Activate the account

To activate the account, you must enter the targeted device type as iOS and choose the right subscription plan.


Step 3 – Verify iCloud Credentials

Click on the link and it’ll take you on the web-page where you need to fill in valid iCloud credentials of the targeted account and verify them.


Step 4 – Start hacking into an iPhone from a computer using Minspy

Check your email inbox using any of the computer/browser.

You must have received an email from Minspy after successful activation of the account. The email contains a link. As soon as this step is completed, you’ll be redirected to the Minspy’s control panel.

As soon as you verify it, you can see the app is fully configured and is rendering the live data for you.

On the left side of the dashboard, there will be a whole list of activities that Minspy can hack for you. Choose the one which you want and enjoy risk-free and hassle-free hacking of the iPhone.


Want extra help? Then this free live demo of Minspy’s iPhone app will be of great help for you. So, don’t waste time and watch it now.

The Final Word

Hacking the iPhone is a tough nut to crack unless you use Minspy. By using high-end AI and 100% web-based deployment it allows you to hack an iPhone from a computer.

No need to get involved in the time-consuming app installation & set-up process. No need to bear the badge of White Hat hacker. No need to invest tons of money. Just a computer and a Minspy account. That’s it.

We never imagined that hacking the world’s safest device was so easy. Did you?